31. Dezember 2014

Changes -and a friendly HALLO to 'Panopticum' in Russia

1) I managed to change the commentfunction. Hope it works better now and additionell it's now possible commenting each other.

2) I was surprised, how many visitors from Romania (and eastern Europe in general)
are in the statistics now, so I searched and found one reason:

A russian blog 'Panopticum'  has posted my grandchilds photo, with a link to the Commoneos.
(Called it stolen goods ;) That's all I could translate so far from their text- LEO is my friend )

Sadly I'm from the former western part of germany and we got lessons in Latein, French and English, no cyrillic languages at all. It was the time of the cold war, you remember?

My husband, from the eastern part, had russian and is able to read cyrillic letter, but forget all of his vocabulary and  reading without understanding doesn't help here :)

So I hope, the nice people at Panopticum/diary.ru  will help us out?


  1. Very interesting, will wait to see how it all works out!! :)
    Hello Russia :)

    1. Seems they are bit shy there abroad *g

  2. Хорошо Россия во второй половине дня и счастливого нового года всем вам!!

    Which should say:

    Good Afternoon Russia, and a Happy New Year to you all!!

    Thank goodness for Bing :)

    Big hugs, Sharon in Spain xx

  3. Got the feeling, the russian aren't interested in any way.
    I would love to know why?

    Der Vorteil von Internet-Kontakten ist ja, dass man -einfach so- mal eine virtuelle Hand rüberreichen kann und keine ausgedehnte Kommunikation erarbeiten muss.

    Aber das ist wohl weltweit ein Problem,
    denn ich würde mich auch freuen, wenn unsere chinesischen Besucher mal Hallo sagen, oder die Tschechischen,
    ganz zu schweigen von den Rumänen,
    wo doch einer meiner Söhne ZZ in Moldawien arbeitet.

    Die Französischen hätte sogar die Chance, dass ich ein bißchen was verstehe.

  4. Guten Tag für Alle!
    First and foremost, I want to apologize for any misunderstanding issued from a common presupposition that "impolite=bad intentions".
    Yes, I am aspergeric dollover with outworldly sense of humour, prone to profanity, but Bing (and Google) cannot translate russian adequately into english/Deutsch/whatever else. We use too much slang, double binds, pejoratives...
    For my blog-visitors (nice doll collectors and mighty doll artists) I always add a comprehensive picture to the link, said photo illustrates well that children, dolls and dog are enjoying Christmas peacefully. "Скрадено здесь" means "taken here (without permission)".
    So, I hope to soften worries about my humble blog and post-soviet dollists.
    Just look at dolls my fellow artist Oxana making, they're exquisite: http://www.flickr.com/photos/50778240@N08/

    1. Willkommen und vielen Dank fürs Antworten!
      Thanks, you're welcome and I'm happy you're commenting!

      I always love to connect and get in touch with -so far- unknown lifes.
      So your 'stolen' pic are one another chance :)
      I watched your site and noticed the high artistic aspiration - great.

      If you agree, I'll link to your sashblog (?) ... if I can find it again.