23. Dezember 2014

Christmas preparations

What are YOU doing there, Erik?
Mrs. Digne says, I should put up the nativityscene. - But  these are NO christmas figurines!
Sure! See: Josef on the left and Maria right, Baby Jesus are on her back; sleeping blissfully. - But... -  There are from abroad. They are haunted (by poachers). They are obviously a family of primates, like humans are as well. It's all comme if fault!
It's kind of weird, but it seems you're right.
 A warm welcome to you! Here you're out of harm's way.


  1. I love the gorillas!!! Toddlers are very cute too!!

  2. Lovely mini tale , love your toddlers such nice children :)

  3. Juhu! Have a very merry day, you 2 :)