14. Dezember 2014

Dear readers and visitors ...

I'm surprised how many people visiting our small Commoneoblog!

Most of them live in the UK, next are the Germans, not to forget the nice people from the USA and Spain.

But we got also some dear visitors from Switzerland, Canada, (Vive la) France, Norway, China (!)
and from the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

This is a blog about Sashas (and Gregors of course... yes, and some bears.)

The Commoneos are perhaps just a little help to stay in balance - because there's so much unsightly in the real world. I don't want to close my eyes about the worlds problems,
but it's nice to have something cosy and unhurt here.
Perhaps you feel a bit alike?

I want you to know, that -whatever our politicians bleating-
we don't want war with nobody out there! 
We're sure, there's still no reason for a cold- or hot war.

To force war in this century is like beaming us into stone-age.
And there are never real winners, but many losers in the end.

Please be sure:
We believe in round tables, bilateral and cross-party t a l k s, 
and all the other dovish options!

Thanks for watching, sorry for my poor english - and have a great sundayadventevening!

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