9. Dezember 2014

Do you remember Crazie?

For those who wants to read more of Crazie: click here!
Crazie is still living with us!
His daughter is a beauty like her mother. Look, if I lift my arm...
... they like to sit down there.
 ...You were born here in the fireplace, Miss Crazie! (But not in a fire, of course)
It was a fascinating time for us all.
Left 2 right: Miss Crazie, Lady Crazie and our good old Crazie himself.
They want me to say 'Happy Holiday' to you and... breaking news - Lady Crazie will sadly leave us. She told us, she's bohemian and love to live with another Sasha-Family now.
Little Miss and Crazie will miss her, but want her to be happy!

Lady Crazie is now searching for another Sasha-Family to live with. 
If you like to accomodate her, please simply tell us your address. 
She'll find the way.



  1. Yes, we certainly remember Crazie and the hatching of Miss Crazie. If Lady Crazie wants to fly to England she is welcome to join our Sasha family - Laura, Florence, Miranda, Nicholas James, Reuben, baby Mabel and baby Leo.

  2. How could we ever forget Crazie and his family.
    So sorry to hear that Mrs Crazie has decided to flee the fold but I'm sure that she will be welcomed with open arms in to DollMum's Sasha family.


  3. We all remember the lovely story of Crazie and his Lady.
    It's nice to see their little Crazie girl.
    I am sure where ever Lady Crazie lands she'll be a very welcome addition to that Sasha family :)xx

  4. Oh Forgot to say I love their photo on the fireplace :)

  5. I love the Crazie family!! Your posts are super!!

  6. Oh yes we all remember the Crazie saga with great fondness....and isn't Miss Crazie like her mum :)
    I hope Lady Crazie finds a nice new home to move to, and that she will be happy there too :) She could come to Spain if she wanted to but maybe she would prefer England?
    Big hugs, Sharon xx

  7. Thanks so much!

    I'll tell Lady Crazie about England and Spain.
    So Crazie, his daughter and the Commoneos feeling eased, knowing her in another interesting place!

  8. Also bei Deinen Kindern würd ich auch einziehen. .. ein Kamin!!!!
    Wir haben auch einen blauen Poldi und einen grünen Willi :0)

  9. Wishing Lady Crazie a safe trip to her new home.
    Your Sashas have such a comfortable looking room - I love the mat, it's so seasonal!