31. Dezember 2014

Introduction - Sylvester Anno 2015

Hi there! Здравствуйте! I'm new at the CommoneoCrew. The others are planning their PyjamaParty and told me to introduce myself here. Perhaps say something reasonable to you. This is my venture :)
My name is 'Sylvester Anno Zweitausendundfünfzehn', but you can call me Sylvester.
The old year is ending soon ...
and hopefully some of our problems as well.
Hence we can calm down, able to save something for ourselves.
But -  to be realistic - we'll stay as good as gold, not protesting in any way and keep paying for the finance and their tools; our politicians. 
However, hope dies last!  Have a nice evening! Добрый вечер!

A great 2015 to all of us!


  1. Hello Sylvester it's lovely to meet you on the cusp of the New Year! You look to be an interesting fellow and it will be lovely to see more of you in the coming year.
    Happy New Year to you and all at the Commoneo camp
    from the Sasha Village Clan :)xxx

  2. Bienvenido Sylvester, what a handsome chap you are! And joining the Commoneo folks as such a festive time, eh?
    Like Dee says, I also look forward to seeing more of you on here in 2015.....gosh is it really 2015? Is it really 15 years since we were all wondering what the New Millenium would bring!!!! :)
    Sending you all bighugs and best wishes for the New Year!
    Sharon xxxx

  3. Welcome Sylvester and I too, like Denise and Sharon, look forward to seeing more of you here in 2015,
    Until then a very happy and fun New Year.