12. Dezember 2014

Lady Crazies Decision

It' so cosy.  - Don't stop reading for us, I love the story. - Look, that starchain is desperatley tangled. I don't feel like unraveling this now!
Ahoi 'brothsis - here comes the sun
The bird with the idea to emigrate. Don't you like us, Lady Crazie?
I think, this isn't her problem. Oh -she want to tell uns something. - Yes? Whereto do you want to move, Sweetie? Two very nice Sashafamilies would give you a home: Dollmum in England and Sharon in Spain. - I would choose Spain, because I love the sun. And Sharon. And her sewings!
 --- What? ...
Oh, I understand. She shows us an ENGLISH w o r d. She wants to celebrate an english christmas at DollMums in the UK!
I'm right. She looks so pleased. -  Then we have to write to Dollmum! Lady Crazie can take the letter with her. -Like an owl in 'HarryPotter'.


  1. LOL Crazie has made her decision....I will have to be content with my two live budgies here, Buddy & Holly :) Not that Lady Crazie isn't 'live' of course ;)LOL. Dollmum's daughter 'R' will be delighted to have this little birdie there for Christmas and maybe will give her a little bit of her Christmas Pudding as a treat, eh 'R'? :)
    Big hugs Sharon xx

  2. Lady Crazie are you sure you want to leave your lovely family? We will be very pleased to have you and if you decide to fly home we won't be offended. We hope you have a safe flight.

  3. Glad, it's ok with you, Sharon. Thanks so much!
    I'm not sure, she's staying in England forever, if she's really bohémian.
    And her daughter...we'll see.

    But for now, we're happy Dollmum and daughter giving her a new home. For christmas :)
    Please Dollmum, can you send me you address?

  4. That's lovely she will be visiting England and meeting Dollmum and little Miss Dmd for Christmas and New year.
    Look forward to seeing how she gets on.
    D xx

  5. Dear Santa,
    My Sashas and I would love to have a little room scene just like this for our Christmas present.
    We have ALL been very good again this year and promise to take great care of it by regularly dusting and Hoovering and keeping it tidy.
    Love from Kendal and her Sasha Brood.xx
    PS. NO Vodka parties will be allowed.

  6. Dieser Kommentar wurde vom Autor entfernt.

  7. I see I'm too late and Kendal has beaten me to it - I also would like your wonderful room for my Sashas!
    How pretty the whole set looks lit by candle light.

  8. I hope so much, Santa's ears are wide open for your wishes Kendal, the brood and Rosie.

    Love your letter
    and totally agree about the Vodkaparties :)