7. Dezember 2014

More Nikolaus

Cumberland; you remember; the shoes are now outdoor. In the middle of the night, St. Nikolaus (or his staff) hiding there sweets, apples, nuts or something like that.
In the early morning one Kid is peeping outside,  ...

... surprised and immediately calling the others.
They're getting their shoes - and munching their booty. That's all.
"Aber WARUM eigentlich?"
Und wer ist St. Nikolaus? Yes; who is St.Nikolaus?
Bin schon da. Mit dem richtigen Buch! I'm here for you, with some answers.     ... St. Nikolaus are a compilation from 2 real Person;  Bishop Nikolaus von Myra and Abbot Nikolaus von Sion who lived in the 4th and 5th century in Lykien (Asia Minor). They did most wonderful things in their lifes - helping other humans a lot. So there are many magic stories about Nikolaus. Nowadays he is captured from the industrie to sell their things, but this couldn't kill the memory. He is the origin - visiting us originally in the time b e f o r e christmas.  Gifting becomes common in the 18th century. Father Christmas is another old figure, but not a holy one, so far I know.  The Christchild (established by Martin Luther), 'Weihnachtsmann' and this 'CocaColaSanta' are later inventions.
Oh! - So many sweets and SO many informations!
Thanks Otto, you are so sagacious - how about a break and a marshmallow?
Ich glaube, ich sollte die tüchtigen Nikoläuse da in Lykien vor 1500 Jahren mal besuchen, ein paar Bilder machen und mitbringen. Dann ist vielleicht endlich Schluß mit der Oberflächlichkeit heute: diesem Werbe-Santa und dem Kommerz- Weihnachtsmann.


Noch viel mehr Informationen bei der katholischen Kirche 

(wo man echt über Heilige Bescheid weiß :)

Dass eine verdorbene Industrie Weihnachten missbraucht,
bedeutet übrigens noch lange nicht, 
dass man sich danach richten muss!
'Weihnachten' findet immer IM -und zwischen- Menschen statt
und kann nicht mit Geschenke-Einkaufen generiert werden.


  1. another wonderful beautifully photographed post and thank you for the information about St nick :)xx

  2. I love the way you put everything together...it is a joy to see!

  3. I happy you're enjoying us...

  4. I have always loved this old tradition of St Niklaus.

    My early Gotz sharp nosed boy is called by this name.... but it was after Sasha Morgenthaler's second son.

    Adore your Otto.

    How I wish that I could set up little scenes like this!

  5. Beautiful! Lovely photos and great information. I'm glad that the kids got such nicely filled shoes and boots :)
    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx