6. Dezember 2014


Hier hat was stattgefunden! Something happend here. And I wasn't part of it. I stayed in bed much too long.
Und ich war nicht dabei! Ich hab zulange geschlafen. Because of that... kein Wunder nach der Vodkaparty!
Hast du Vodkaparty gesagt? Did you say Vodkaparty?
Oh - TT! Ja. Eigentlich will ich aber von dir wissen, was ich verpasst hab.
Heute ist doch NIKOLAUSTAG. Die Kinder haben ihre Stiefel hier ausgelehrt, Süßigkeiten gegessen und wiedermal nicht aufgeräumt.
Pardon? I'm from the UK. I only know Father Christmas and he's visiting us not at the 6th of December..
Also: Am Abend vor Nikolaustag stellen die Kinder ihre Stiefel vor die Tür. The night before Nikolaus the kids cleaning their shoes and placing them in front of the door ...


  1. I am liking this St Nikolaus night and must remember it for my village next year, look like your Sasha family had a lot of fun!
    Dee xx

  2. Ich liebe Deine Storys!!!

  3. Just wondering if this might be the only time that the children actually clean their own shoes rather than leaving it to their parents to do.

    Love the night-time settings!

    It seems that Vodka is the root of much 'being completely out of it!'

  4. Lovely photos. Here in Spain the children leave their shoes outside the door on the night of the 5th January, so that on the early hours of the 6th, the Three Kings will come and fill them with presents! If the children have been naughty they'll receive a hessian sack of coal or carbon instead!!
    I'm glad your Sasha kids received presents and NOT carbon!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx