30. Dezember 2014


Not really much, but enough!
MARIKA! Come and see!
No sun. - But snow. The whole world is white!
Erik, this isn't the whole world. -  But it's OUR world.
Mensch, guckt bloß, wir könnten rausgehen! Klasse
 - Don't show this to our english friends, they don't like snow!

 Hej, weg da vom Fenster. Ihr habt ja nicht mal Socken an.  Es reicht, wenn hier einer krank ist! Kids, shut the window, you're freezing. I don't want you to get a cold, like me.

Gleiheich! -Imeeeediately.  - Oh, by the way, I was just in Bethlehem. - Why, TimeTravel?
Want to kwow, if it was r e a l l y cold there in winter at christmas.
I traveled back to the year 1880. It was not that cold, but they told me, they have a mediterranean climate, with hot and dry summers and cold winters. January is the coldest month, with temperatures ranging from 1 to 13 degree Celsius (33–55 °F) So I think, Maria bear Baby Jesus under her coat to keep him warm. Not laying him away at that stray in the crib. ...  I have to go again back to that time, to be sure ... bye. - Good luck and see you, TT.


  1. The snow scenes from your window are very pretty...but keep it there...don't send it to us in the South East of the UK!!!

  2. Well said Ronny - the view from your window is so pretty you must keep the snow!

  3. Will do what I can; promise!

  4. What a fabulous view from your window of the beautiful snow covered town! Such pretty buildings.
    I love the look of snow just don't want to have to drive to work in it!

    Love your Sasha Children discussing the snow and Tt travelling to Bethlehem to check out if it was cold when the baby Jesus was born. :)x

  5. Beautiful photos of the snow from the window....but my goodness please bring those kids away from the edge in case they fall ;)
    I too do not want snow coming this way to Spain, we had some last year and I do NOT want more, thank you! It is 13C at the moment here, but feels incredibly colder to me, can my thermometre be wrong perhaps? Or am I just a wimp? Probably the latter :D
    Isn't it great that you have a time travelling bear living there, he can give the children history lessons without them even realising that they're learning!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

  6. Isn't it the best way of learning, Sharon?
    Being interested, asking - and then getting exact the needed answers? Asking again ... and so on.

    So far I understand is this exactly what the brainresearch now suggested.

    'Wimp' sounds like a nice little word (for aliens), but you're never one.
    It's perhaps the humidity? Damp climate feels often colder and less comfortable.