14. Dezember 2014

The Commoneo NEWS

 Last day 3000 people meet at the Bellevue in Berlin, were the 'Bundespräsident' works.  Mr. Gauck sadly is (only) one of the politicians telling us again and again, that we (in Germany) have to fight. With weapons. To help the USA penalizing Russia.  Mrs. Digne was one of these people, who wants to tell the president, that we don't like to have war again. Whatever the USA wants to, WE don't want blood and death again here. And not in other countries.
Russia did some things that are not right. We mustn't love Russia. But they have less weapons than the USA and they don't want foreign soldiers in their country.  Though the NATO is pretty near there now. So the russians are afraid. Wich I understand.   - We in Europe have to live and TALK together and not punishing each other!
Sadly, most of the germans doesn't realise that the politicians (in collaboration with the massmedia) are lying to them. It's a situation like in the 30th of the last century: only some people really understood whats happening - and in the end they had a terrible war and other horrible things happend.
Today the people quarreling about what is right or wrong and left or right  -instead of taking in that they have to be united now for peace and against these warmongers. No matter wich nation we are, wich convincement we share: Humans, Sashas and Gregors only want a lovely warm home, sandwiches and christmas -and certainly no war.  - Thankyou!-


  1. Well said! We never truly know what the politicians are up too! until it's to late and people are being killed when other more peaceful means could have been used.
    Let's hope we are not heading for a war anywhere in this world of ours, we only have the one and if we destroy it we are only destroying ourselves.

  2. Yes, AMEN to that indeed. It seems Digne that today you're having a day like I had yesterday, wanting to put the world to rights....it's so difficult, there is so much 'wrong' and we want to 'right' it....and yet we feel so impotent and unable to do so.
    As Dee said, we only have the one world, we'd better protect it...and the people living on it.
    big hugs Sharon xxx

  3. I got this feeling since years now and it seems to grow worse, faster and faster.

    The very new is forcing a war. They are completely mad.

    WE germans, who said after the last war, there will never be german soldiers in other countries!
    And now they prepare us every day for the next war. And the enemy is again Russia, -after Syria hasn't work.

    They don't use the word WAR, they use euphemism like 'we have to undertake responsibility for the world', but the meaning is sending soldiers and weapons to special countries. And WE decide, who needs our 'help' and who is a terrorist or a fighter for freedom. Unbelievable!

    And you got some serious problems there in spain as well. I know! But the usual media here doesn't tell us A THING! A spanishlady told me about these new laws, I read before only on FB:
    You have to pay thousands of euros, if you fe only photograph a policeman.
    The Euro is also a great problem. Our money'help' doesn't reach the poor - it's only used to cover the Bangsters losses with speculation.

    I know, if I do nothing I'll get a gastric ulcer. And I feel guilty about not TRY to save the future for my kids.
    So I'm constantly searching for things I can DO.
    We CAN do more than we think.

  4. What a truly handsome News reader!

    I hope that his good looks helped to get the 'Peace throughout the World' message across especially to where it was needed the most.

    Loved how he gathered his news script papers together at the end, just like the real-life news broardcasters do.
    A very clever and effective post.