11. Dezember 2014

Wann gibt's endlich Schnee?

Du musst dich festhalten, Cumberland! - Mich stört diese Fake-Nikolausmütze...
Was macht ihr denn da? - Ich ziehe Cumberland hier drinne, draußen ist ja kein Schnee.
Guck mal hin: ich sehe unheimlich christmassy aus, stimmt's?! Hab ich ganz allein rausgesucht, die Sachen.
Nur das Zuknöpfen hat nicht so richtig geklappt. Wart mal.
Ich komm gleich wieder, dann geht's ins Bett, Erik! - Huch, was wird denn das, Cumberland? -  Ich bin ein Rentier; siehst du das denn nicht?
Och Cumberland. Ich hab dich lieb.
Annika, gibt's nicht bald mal richtigen Schnee? Ich will so gern mit Cumbi Schlittenfahren!
Bestimmt. Irgendwann kommt jedes Jahr der Schnee! Und jetzt ab ins Bett -  Marika ist schon beim Zähneputzen.


  1. Another super story! Thank you x

  2. Juhu Ronny -
    I'm proud, you can follow my german pics. Have a great day, perhaps with snow?
    I know, on our site it snows brightly all the time.

  3. Lovely story of Erik and Cumberland hoping for snow!
    I hope you get some if that what you want but we'll give it a miss thanks!
    Dee :)xx

  4. Hehe; ok - no snow for the UK.
    I will try to keep it here.

    But in fact we got
    nothing but storm and rain here this time.

    Can anybody explain to me, why I have to put a number in here for posting -at my own blog- and nothing at yours?!

  5. What a lovely lovely story! Erik is so cute and I loved the bit where Annike has to rebutton his shirt. He is dressed like a little Christmas Elf, Santa would be very pleased of his help :)
    I hope he gets the snow he wishes for so that he can go out sledding with his friend....though I have to say that I don't like the cold or snow, it does make for great and bright photos :)
    Big hugs Sharon xx

  6. Ohhhh ich bin so gern in Eurem Wohnzimmer :0)
    Mein Kids haben heut auch schon mal Schlitten getestet guck:

  7. My elder daughter, who did German at school, translated this for me - it was a good test for her memory of German (considering it is 6 months since she really used it) and made her realise she needs to practice more! Such a lovely story and I love the room where Annika, Eric and Cumberland are playing and wishing for snow.

  8. I just love visiting your little Sasha room and witnessing all the 'on-goings' and activities taking place there.
    To me it's just like 'Fairyland' or should that be 'Sashaland?'