14. Dezember 2014

Writing christmascards

I think, I'll take not the blue one for Dollmum, the red and green is better.
D e a r ... - I'm getting crazy with this chain! Oh sorry Lady Crazie, I didn't mean you.
See, she likes the colourful card.
Too late. Look Lady, I'm just ready.
Yes, come on - and off we go. I'll try from the attic if she's in the mood to fly.
Bye, lovely Lady.  - Greetings to Dollmum and her daughter and have a merry little christmas there in the UK.
He turned the lamp off. ... And we forgot lithing the third candle today!   Are you sad too, Indra? - No, I finally managed detangling this chain! Oh, it's about Lady Crazie? In a way, but the important thing is that she's happy, right?


  1. Is she going to fly all the way to England???? Poor girl, she will need a big portion of Christmas turkey when she gets there if that is the case ;)
    I hope the kids aren't sad, after all, as they say, it's important for Crazie to be happy in her new life and new adventures.
    Love the photos where the lights are off, very pretty indeed.
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

  2. I hope she's not going to have to carry that card if she's flying herself to Dollmum's for Christmas.
    Another wonderfully crafted post.
    :) Dee

  3. Du bist der Hit... so ne nette Idee!!! Freu mich sehr über Deine Posts!!

  4. Danke ihr Lieben, thanks dear visitors
    - we hope she'll make it across the ocean.

    I'm off now - looking for the birdie. If she's not as yet on her flight, I'll try to feed her some turkey!

  5. Great post as always...perhaps your Sasha children would like to write out my Christmas cards!!

  6. Dear Ronny,
    feel invited to join our livingroommeetings.
    Bring cards and tea, please.
    We will do our best :)

  7. Enchanting settings for this most interesting story post.

    Love the tiny Advent wreath which so reminds me of the ones in our Catholic Churches and my teaching days at an RC School when the lighting of the candles in them played such an important in the run-up to Christmas Day.

    Wishing Mrs Crazie a quick and safe flight to DollMum's home in the UK, arriving in good time to prepare for and celebrate Christmas there.