31. Januar 2015


Let's go!  Look left - this  is our way...

No. So far I see -and I really don't see much - it's better THERE, to the right...

Do tell! Eyes front. Our way is straightforward.

Allwere SNOW. But I have to follow the pink! -?? It's time we got going.  -Moment!  -Wait. I don't think...

30. Januar 2015

Dear Mossy the Green

Thanks so much for answering.
Hope TT doesn't bother you with the 'crazy bretons'.
Will patiently wait for the fluffy and pink coming my way.
If it's a marshmallow,  I'll share it with you, promise!
But it just seems we're getting much more WHITE here.

Sylvester send greetings and thanks for the special gloves,
which are very helpful! We will tell more about our journey soon. 

Your friend abroad; Cumberland ♥

Faces and dresses

Hier sind wir ...und zeigen unsere schönen neuen Kleider von 'DelectableDelights'
Ihr seid soo schön!
Stimmt doch, oder? - Von links: Adrianna, Heidi und Annie (Kelly Wenarski Repaints)
Guckt doch mal HIERHER...  ...  ...
Mönsch, war doch bloß'n Scherz!

29. Januar 2015


We won't wait, Cumberland! -What are you doing there? - I finally want to check the other things... this ist nothing to eat, I'm sure!
But here is something to carry cheeky bears in! -Haha! -Perfect match! -NO! GET ME OUTTA HERE!
Oh. I see something really useful. These are gloves for workers. -Work gloves has to be pink?
 These are  foreign gloves. -They are crazy these Britons! -Be carefully, someone could be sore-But this is only a quote. From Obelix! In his opinion the germans and the romans are crazy as well. -I see pink. Again! -Only gloves, buddy, the working gloves.
Nothing... -Let's decamp now! -Square your shoulders. -Fight side by side! -A Room For Ones Own!
If Mrs. Woolf would be able to hear this! ... I still got the feeling there's something behind me.
I'm afraid to look back. But the feeling is PINK. And the sound is ticking.
Mr. Mossy of The Village - great clairvoyant,
amongst BramberBears.... if you read this: I need your advice.
Am I lunatic?

28. Januar 2015


Are we there yet? -Obviously not. But where are we now? -I'll check this.
This is the kitchen.  Table!
Let's have a short rest. -We need something to munch! -I... can't... carry... on... much...

... longer. -Poor Sylvester. Look at the others, there are still upright! -They don't have to carry YOU, my friend. -Oh! Over there. I see a parcel. Let's get an eyeful of this. - I need a mouthful!
Classic heavenly send opportunity! -What's this... 'WalnutWhip'? -Never heard. Smells like something to eat. -I'm huuungry!!
I'm from the UK, you know - and I promise: this IS something to cure your desperation.
Looks good to me. -But...mmh... should we do this?  -We're hungry, this is a kitchen. Kitchen are serving food. Usually. -Consequential. -Of course it is!
Join hands. -Bear- Bear- WalnutWhip! -Enjoy your meal! -Appetite comes with chairs!
*Munch* -*Smack* -Not so bad, this Whipthingy! -Yum! But... feels like there's something behind my back...
But there's nothing ... -You were right , Cumbie, my desperation is blown away.  -That was delicious, brothers. Now let's shoulder our chairs again. -A Room For Ones Own! -A Room For Ones Own! -WAIT...

This is only to explain to Mr. Digne 

where the second WalnutWhip 

(his one) is gone ...

With special thanks to Mrs.D.Mum. She giveth and the bears taketh away.

♥ Adieu Sara Doggart

SARA DOGGART - Born 29 June 1913 (Minsk) , died 26 January 2015.

"It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that Sara Doggart passed away yesterday.
I had a phone call from her son John V Doggart this morning, saying that Sara had died peacefully yesterday.
As most of you will know, Sara and her husband John, were responsible for the manufacture of the Sasha Dolls 
at Stockport, during the whole period of production."
 -Brenda W a l t o n on Facebook.

Brenda worked in the Stockport Frido/Trendon/Sasha Doll Ltd. Factory’s secretarial office 
from the beginning of the Sasha Production to the end 1986 -and allowed to use this photo here.

"Es ist sehr traurig euch mitteilen zu müssen, dass Sara Doggart entschlafen ist.
Ich wurde von ihrem Sohn John V Doggart telefonisch darüber informiert, dass sie gestern friedlich starb.
Die meisten von euch wissen ja, dass Sara und ihr Mann John erreichten, dass Sasha Puppen in Stockport überhaupt hergestellt wurden. Die Doggarts waren vom Beginn bis zum Ende verantwortlich für die Produktion."
 -Brenda Walton auf FB.

Brenda arbeitete von Beginn der Sasha Produktion 1965 in der Verwaltung/Sekretariat der Fabrik Frido Ltd. in Stockport/UK (später umbenannt in Trendon, bzw SashaDoll Ltd.) bis zu deren Ende im Januar 1986.

(Interessantes von Brenda über ihr Leben
und ihre Zeit in der Sasha-Fabrikation auf Theresas Blog.
Etwas über Sara Doggart als Chefin hier.)

Artikel dazu

27. Januar 2015


You're moving?
Slow down Sylvester, I'll talk to him... -Come along, Cumbie. If I stop I fall over.
... you heard us claiming a room for ourself... -Whoa-there
... we'll go and find one! - Good luck. See you soon!  -*moan and groan*
-This is not a bed of roses.
*Plonk* - Don't bump down, TT. - We sit in traffic. -Sit tight! -No need for sarcasm, Mr. Trendon. The final chapter has not yet been written!

26. Januar 2015


Ahhhh, the black demons united again in convenience. -This is life at it's best! -Word! -Word!
 I should just try the mantlepiece again... moderately well. -The Commoneobears! Boys - I'm really sorry, but have to say: this is not YOUR livingroom. Make way!
What the hey... Dude, take your feet off my chair! - My name is Commoneo; TRENDON Commoneo!
Fancy a drink? -You Trendon Commoneo, this is NOT FAIR. We got the right for placing our chairs anywhere! - Go, Cumbie go!
A Room For One's Own! -A Room For One's Own! -A Room For One's Own!
-A Room For One's Own! - ...Bananas AND nuts!

24. Januar 2015

!!! Abenteuer

Ich helf dir!!
Lebst du noch?
Uff - grade so.
Du bist ganz nass. Wir müssen wirklich rein; komm!
Weißt du was? Wenn ich jetzt Harry Potter wär, dann könnte ich...
... einfach den Zauberstab heben und - 'Aguamenti'-  dich trocken machen!
>> Jaha, wir haben die Sachen auf die Heizung gelegt und JA- ich mach jetzt ein heißes Fussbad!
Guck dir Lion an, der will das Badewasser trinken! -Hier hast du noch ein Handtuch. Was macht ihr denn auch für Sachen!
Hier Kumpel; Socken sollst du auch noch anziehen.