6. Januar 2015

^1^ CHaOs^

WAS umhimmelswillen ist denn hier PASSIERT?
Fia, ... was schreiste denn so? -GUCK DICH DOCH MAL um!
 ICH komm hier ahnungslos von draußen rein und finde ein CHAOS! Und hören tu ich auch was. So ein Piepsen...
 ARGGH! Ich hab doch gestern erst Weihnachtszeug zusammengeräumt. Wer macht denn SOwas? Achtung, hinter dir! Der Hund!
Das wird ja immer schöner! LUDWIG, wie kommst du denn da rein?
Armer kleiner Kerl! Komm mal her, du.  - Bär!  -  Bär? Das ist Lion, den kennst du doch!


  1. Oh! I remember when I used to look after my neighbour's children every Saturday and the little girl's room looked like this most of the time. Pure chaos!

    1. You know, I have (had) five children. I know about the rooms-desaster and the daily try for tidying up :)
      Fortunately, THIS room is soo tiny and the work is done so quickly ...

  2. CHAOS undeed! Wouldn't know just where to begin to tidy up.....and poor Ludwig rolled up in the carpet.
    Such a shame that those delightful minature Christmas decorations have had to come down.
    (There's a bit of a rebellion going on here as I DON'T want to TAKE mine DOWN today!)

    1. BTW I'm not so keen on the way my comments are translated (as shown above) as I always like to think that my written English grammer is beyond reproach.

    2. 'DID?' Now HOW did that word get in there as it wasn't in MY original version!
      Think I'll have to just give up or I'll be here all day correcting these unauthorised translations.

    3. GOSH! It's now getting even WORSE! Best be off out of here!

    4. The automatic g e r m a n translation is always very funny.

      Thanks for stopping by and don't worry, I'm very sure, your english is perfect and -as you know- mine is NOT. I understand you anyway and enjoy your comments.

      I empathize with you about the christmas decoration. Today is our family-traditional 'Baumraus' (Tree-Out) . As the children a small we celebrate this. After dedecorating, throwing the poor tree out of the window and hoovering - we have a chocolate Fondue with fruits and cookies. In the evening the older familymembers having a Feuerzangenbowle (red wine punch) I think, I began this tradition because of the sadness of saying Adieu to christmastime.
      A try to compensate:)

      The 6th of Jan. ist the end of Christmas only with the protestants.
      The catholics waiting until Candlemas Day (2.Febr.)- their Christmas ended then!
      I found something about the english traditons. They are only a bit different. -I don't know so far, that leaving the decorations can cause a desaster!

      But on the other hand: it was usual too, leaving them until Candlemas Day- so you can chose :)

    5. Still thinking about this. There's a deco-gap after christmas.
      I myself don't want to have the bright flowers (Primula), they sell here everywhere = too much colour. IT IS still winter!

      So usual I went from green/red (christmas) to white/silver (winter) in decoration. Have you ever tried this? It can help.

    6. Oh dear! IF only I'd read your above comment a little sooner..... being a Roman Catholic I could have left them up until Candlemas Day on the 2nd of February!
      Must remember that next year!

      NOW she tells me and I've almost nearly finished taking everything down. Just the tree to finally dismantle and drag to the garage.... amidst the tears and sadness that another Christmas has gone from my life.!

      Love the idea of swapping red and green for white.... although I don't have anything white here! at the moment.

    7. The cheep shops for junk/fashion jewellery cutting off prices this time.
      That's a temptation for me :)
      They got pearls and feathers and such things, all in pearly, offwhite and silver colours. I have also snowflakes in frosted glas.
      But don't think now, this is a brilliantely designed house!
      I manage only my table centerpiece and a bit on the windows and walls
      (you'll find wonderful designed wrapping papers here in better stationary stores - I sometime use them as posters)

      I'm sure you'll find some lucid and aesthetic things to enjoy a new, pure and winterly athmosphere!

  3. What a mess ! Chaos indeed! Love them finding all the mess and then finding poor Lugwig wrapped in the rug!
    Great photo's :) Dee

    1. Do you think, something is missing?
      It lacks perhaps in Vodka (or Wodka. is there a difference?)

  4. Goodness me what's going on here!!! I love your girls jacket and beret!
    Love all the 'action' going on here though......reminds me of my son's bedroom even now that he is 28 years old ;)
    Bighugs Sharon xxx