6. Januar 2015

^2^ CHaOs !

Bär, Bären ? Ich hab da ne Idee... GET OUT! KOMMT RAUS! SOFORT!
AHA! Hab ichs doch gedacht. Und? Was habt ihr damit zu tun? SPILL!
Womit? Whaddaya say? - Was meinste denn, Fia?
That beats everything! Seid ihr blond oder blind? Hier herrscht CHAoS! - Jungs, es nutzt nix... we read in an old book: "The dark demons, the winter spook of the "Rauhnächte" (The Twelve Days of Christmas) are finally banished in the night of the 05.01.- the night before the Epiphany."
That's going beyond a joke! Are YOU the demons, the 'Wilde Jagd' yourself or have you tried to exorcise them ?? -Both. - Er.  -Um, well... - WHATEVER. You'll clean up instantly! Is that understood?! YES Ma'am! -Sure MA'AM! -At your service, Ma'am!
Boy, oh boy. She has the ears of the prime minister! -WAS jetzt?  -Spring Cleaning - what else? -WuFF!
 Yeah. But first, I put off my bow-tie. I'm reducing myself to the ranks. *sigh* - Hear ye, Hear ye.  So comrades, come rally...


  1. Well to think it was the BEARS! trying to exercise the Dark Demons that haunt the days of Christmas! And so much mess from such Little bears!
    I hope someone helps them clean up or they will be there all night!!, I hope those Demon's have all gone.....................................

  2. I'm in hope as well. May they go back into the garden, like they do in England.

    And for the bears causing a mess... have you ever watch Yoda (StarWars) fighting?
    I had this in mind :)

  3. Yes, tidying up after the Christmas decorations come down is always a bit chaotic. The only decorations we have out now are the crib scene with the Wise Men who have arrived from the East now that it is Epiphany, and Lady Crazie is close by the scene (out of reach of our dog). She is however planning to fly into our dining room soon to visit the Gingerbread house we made a week after Christmas day (it smells lovely) so we can do a photo story with her again. Sadly this is the last night of the Christmas lights in our town (they are known to be the best for miles around) so there could well be some Dark Demons outside when the lights are no longer shining in the high street and market square.

    1. Thanks for giving me an insight in your traditions.
      I feel sad as well, but try to get help by philosophy or maybe psychology? - Whatever:most humans don't love changes, we like to have our days something equally.
      But changes are important to stay versatile and not stuck into always the same procedures, right? It's the balance, as ever.
      We christians know anyway: the light will come again :)
      (This sentence isn't correct, but I don't know ho to change)

      I'm looking forward to see Lady Crazie again. Hope she's not a burden?

    2. Lady Crazie is certainly not a burden - she has just had another little adventure in our home which we hope hasn't made her too homesick for Germany - see http://dollmum.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/lady-crazie-visits-gingerbread-house.html

  4. I saw the people removing their banners of the baby Jesus this morning and the towns Christmas lights will come down soon. Monday night was the procession of the Three Kings through the town and the children were all on the streets to watch and catch the 'goodies' thrown to them from the floats. Now the sales in the shops start, so onwards into spring......
    Once Christmas is over I admit that I'm happy to leave it all behind me and move on! :)
    Big hugs Sharon xx