21. Januar 2015

! Abenteuer

Halt dich bloß fest!
Keine Sorge...
Was wir hier machen? Na, was denkt ihr denn?
Hamish und ich ersteigen den Mount KR (KüchenRegal)
Hab dich. - Neeein!
Lebst du noch? Dann nochmal. Halt dich FEST!
Du darfst ...  mir ... r u h i g  helfen...

... pfffft, staubig!
Junge- das war'n Ding!
Gipfelfoto?  - Hast du die Fahne dabei? -Nö. Wieder vergessen...*g
Stärkung?   -Stärkung!
Auch eins? -... und was machen wir morgen?


  1. Ach guck an die zwei Zuckersüssen aufm KR. Das ist ja mal ne Tour!!! Die Belohnung haben sie sich aber verdient. Ich hoff mal der Abstieg war weniger gefährlich :0)

  2. With a little help from your friends *g
    Ohne zusätzliche Gelenke ist sowas ne echte Herausforderung. Aber die lieben wir ja...

    Du bist aber früh auf, Saphira!

  3. What adventures these children have in your house eh? LOL After all that energy used I can understand the need for the energy boosting sugar cubes...but I hope they remember to brush their teeth properly afterwards, so as not to rot them! ;)
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    1. Do you ever see a Sasha toothbrush? I mean, there must be some, but I'll never... let's search for tiny toothbrushes!
      Hugs back,Sharon!

  4. Well done, men. All the way to the top without even wearing proper climbing outfits!
    When we go climbing we take Kendal mint cake with us for energy, a mix of pure sugar and peppermint, for energy.

    1. Thanks- I just learned all about Mintcake, I didn't know so far.
      I'm sure, I would like it.
      Sadly I'm just in homeopathic treatment, so I must not eat peppermint -and no coffee :(

  5. What a nerve-wracking but wonderful adventure these two lads of yours had. Smiled at the dust on the topshelf. It always seems to settle everywhere no matter how often we try to catch it.
    Talking of Kendal Mint Cake I took a slab of it with me to the CnS to give to Sharon to take to her husband but then forgot to give it to her so it came all the way back home with me.

    Can't wait to see what they get up to tomorrow!

    1. Juhu Kendal, nerve-wracking is another great word!
      Thanks for still boosting my vocabulary! Sounds very much like what it means:)

  6. What fun! Trendon definitely needs to be handcuffed again...he is SO naughty...I love him :)

  7. What an adventure they had! Love how Hamish helps Trendon get back up to the top shelf and they for got the Banner!
    Lovely story thank you for taking the time to make these fabulous photo stories for us to enjoy :) hugs Dee

  8. Very dangerous game tackling those heights with a single rope. Trendon could have come a cropper (English expression for having an accident), good thing Hamish was holding on tightly to that rope.