28. Januar 2015

♥ Adieu Sara Doggart

SARA DOGGART - Born 29 June 1913 (Minsk) , died 26 January 2015.

"It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that Sara Doggart passed away yesterday.
I had a phone call from her son John V Doggart this morning, saying that Sara had died peacefully yesterday.
As most of you will know, Sara and her husband John, were responsible for the manufacture of the Sasha Dolls 
at Stockport, during the whole period of production."
 -Brenda W a l t o n on Facebook.

Brenda worked in the Stockport Frido/Trendon/Sasha Doll Ltd. Factory’s secretarial office 
from the beginning of the Sasha Production to the end 1986 -and allowed to use this photo here.

"Es ist sehr traurig euch mitteilen zu müssen, dass Sara Doggart entschlafen ist.
Ich wurde von ihrem Sohn John V Doggart telefonisch darüber informiert, dass sie gestern friedlich starb.
Die meisten von euch wissen ja, dass Sara und ihr Mann John erreichten, dass Sasha Puppen in Stockport überhaupt hergestellt wurden. Die Doggarts waren vom Beginn bis zum Ende verantwortlich für die Produktion."
 -Brenda Walton auf FB.

Brenda arbeitete von Beginn der Sasha Produktion 1965 in der Verwaltung/Sekretariat der Fabrik Frido Ltd. in Stockport/UK (später umbenannt in Trendon, bzw SashaDoll Ltd.) bis zu deren Ende im Januar 1986.

(Interessantes von Brenda über ihr Leben
und ihre Zeit in der Sasha-Fabrikation auf Theresas Blog.
Etwas über Sara Doggart als Chefin hier.)

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  1. RIP Sara, you helped to give us such a wonderful plaything in our lovely Sasha and Gregors.

    1. To think there were Innovation in this bygone times and she was an important part of it!
      It's so sad.

  2. Sara Doggart’s Funeral
    On behalf of Anna and John Doggart, I would like to say a big “thank you” to everyone who sent a note of condolence or tribute, on Sara’s passing. There was not a spare seat at the service, in fact several people had to stand at the back – the family could not believe how many people had taken the time to pay their tribute to Sara and were extremely grateful.
    The Baptist Minister who led the service Rod Jones, was in fact Sara’s nephew, and after he had read Psalm 121 – Anna led the family reflections, followed by elder brother John, George – Anna’s younger son, Harry – Anna’s elder son, finally by Tamsin – John’s daughter who was Sara’s first grandchild. They told their own stories, which were quite touching and John made reference to the huge part that the Sasha doll had played in Sara’s life, and the 12 pages of notes they had received from the Sasha community – some of these were only one liners, others in paragraphs, but I put them all together and to fill 12 pages was amazing – thank you all for your responses. To acknowledge Sara’s Jewish upbringing, The Jewish prayer for the dead was in Hebrew by Frank Vigun and The Kaddish by family friend Dan Tannenbaum.
    The biggest contingent of mourners, apart from family, came from the Friedland company – many of the engineers having worked on Sasha. Several Sasha people were in attendance to represent Sasha lovers throughout the world – Viv Brundell, Theresa O’Neil, Sarah Price, Kendal Hackney, Emma Flood, and of course myself and husband Fred as both Sasha and old family friends.
    After the service we walked up to the graveside of John Doggart where flowers were laid, and where Sara’s ashes will be placed. The family invited everyone to join them at The Lime Tree Restaurant in Bollington, for lunch – and the food was extremely good!
    I have scanned the Order of Service (4 pages) and will attempt to attach it to this note, fingers crossed I do it right. I will post it to Sasha Mart, Sasha List, and on Facebook lists, if I miss anyone out, my apologies.
    Thank you once again,
    Brenda Walton