18. Januar 2015


After watching all comments and visiting the Village-blog, we really have to talk. Apart from the important Green-Reporting-Campagne of Mr. Mossy and the honorable attempt of President (AfRFFB) Growly Bear ... - ...not to forget the great envoking of our brother Gunther! -... correct ... persists the pressing question: Am I a honk?
Mhh. Not really. First of all, you are a bear, I think. Then, as Miss Aimée of The Village voted, you are a HUNK. Wich means: 'gut aussehender Mann mit tollem Körperbau'. Now, back to the Bees... - She's a cute little thing. Such a delicate colour. - Stripes in brown and yellow are not MY fav. But honey IS. - And this fuzzy, fleecy fur!
-But they've got stings, Sylvester!
No. Not stngs.We female bears perhaps only have a stinging TONGUE. Wich leads to an additional question, if I'm allowed to join your discussion. Why I'm the only fb here?
And I have to admit finally, that we desperatley need some more sitting accommodations, that deserve the term!


Thanks for your empathy! Yesterday in Berlin, we're  between 30  and 50 000 people
 (and about 80 tractors.)
The whole time completely peaceful, although there are very different kind of organisations attending.


  1. Oohhhh wo hast Du denn denn den Ikea Poäng Stuhl her? Wow!
    Übrigens tu ich mich mit Englisch nicht ganz soooo leicht... d.h. ich weiss ungefähr worums geht hüstel... wobei ich natürlich weiss dass die meisten Besucher ausm Rest der Welt vorbeihüpfen :0)

    1. Tut mir leid, das mit dem Englische. Meins ist auch nicht wirklich dolle - ich hoff immer, die simplen Sätze versteht man vielleicht noch sinngemäß. Die Szene ist einfach englisch!
      Und da die Deutschen eher nicht kommunizieren, mach ich eben mehr englisch :)
      Wenn ich aber hier drum bitte, sie mögen mich doch verbessern... sind alle sehr damenhaft und ziehen sich mit Lob aus der Affaire *g

      Der Stuhl ist ein Weihnachtsgeschenk für Mitarbeiten von Ikea gewesen, so meine Info. Müssen ne Menge übrig sein, denn die werden immer wieder in höheren Stückzahlen auf eBay angeboten. Mal nach Ikea-Miniatur gucken.
      Die Regale (Ivar und Billy) sind auch total niedlich!

    2. Ohhh danke für den Tipp ; 0)
      Hab übrigens eine Eckcouch und Sessel ersteigert und hoffe dass Sie wirklich von der Größe passen :0)

  2. Yes it's true Aimee thinks Silvester is indeed a HUNK! also true that female bears as with all females do have a stinging tongue !
    and also the bears in the village have NO chairs to sit not even one!! Bear everywhere need Chairs!! S truth!! :)
    iT was nice to see the photo's of the peaceful demo of so many people, thanks for the link :)

    1. I'm proud you're agreeing with me :)

      Yes, that'a good thing to see- so many so different people walking and shouting together!

  3. Am I a honk! absolutely brilliant, thank you for making me laugh, even though the endangered bees (because of irresponsible farming methods) are a very serious subject.
    I too have spotted that ikea chair - can't find them on IKEA uk website though.

    1. These Ikea-Minitatures are only given to IkeaWorkers for christmas. You can't bus them at IKEA. This is what I read.
      But it seems there are too much chairs, because some people selling many of them. You have to search for 'Ikea-Miniature'.
      There are small shelves as well(Ivar and Billy), so nice -and the package is also like the big one :)

      Yes, the bee are an important issue!
      They showing us, where WE going as well finally. Starving from the poison the industry is using generously
      They're an indicator for us, so saving the bees means saving us!
      Again, -there are sadly less people grasping the significance.

      Our power is not the democracy, because decisions are made today mostly behind hidden doors.
      But if we more and more refusing to BUY that worthless poisend food, they HAVE to change their methods...

  4. Heehee - My husband will now be known as my honk! Oh how these little bears cheer me up, they are so cute and funny.

    1. Gnihihi! That SOUNDS good :)
      (It's all about aliens playing with their small english - thank God, the online dictionarys showing a wide range of possibly suitable words :)

  5. I love the little IKEA chair, we used to have two of those in human size! I looked on ebay and a seller wanted £50 for one...ouch! I guess they are limited :)
    I have the little furnishing set with the Billy display unit, sofa, table and chair, I will have to take some photos of it one day, I'm not really sure of the scale, I use if for my 14cm tall Elfdoll girls.
    I like that your bears, despite their lack of suitable chairs, are very resourceful and found themselves some great 'perches' all the same ;)
    And I'm also pleased to hear that so many people came out yesterday for the good cause in Berlin :)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. I think it's 1:6 scale, as the Ikeathings are.
      Ok for bears (10-14 cm) but not for Sasha (40cm)
      In germany they cost about 23.-€ and yes they are limited.

      Please show your furnishings, I love it!

      Did you ever see the Maileg-furniture? It's made for these Maileg-Rabbits.
      And very cute. But sadly not for Sasha.

  6. Well done you for attending the rally!
    You have probably started as stampede for miniature IKEA chairs!!

    1. Thanks!

      And I'm afraid, you're right. :)