10. Januar 2015

*** Bears will be bears

No Lion. This is a special meeting for BEARS only. Dogs are not allowed!
Brothers, it's again time for the Honeydays. Let's ascertain if all of us are present...
One, two, three, four, five ...six.
Error! We should be five, -without TT, who stucks still in history.  Once again: one...
... five, six, - *PUFF*  ...seven! I'm home for the honeydays.
I tried, but couldn't reach Bethlehem - I was held up by King Herodes. (Nasty fellow!)
Welcome home, -but we are again one too many!
Listen up! Perhaps the problem is sitting beside me? I never saw this bear around so far.
Please excuse me joining your good company without asking. It looks soo yummy, so I decided to have a try. I'm Ursa Minor, but you can call me Ursa.
Ah. So we're actual seven bears at the Commoneo Camp. - Well, Well! -I think, Ursa can stay here? -  If you agree, join hands!
Ok.  Finally we're starting the honeydays! Bear, Bear, Bear - HONEY!
No Lion - this is a bears meeting, dogs are not allowed!


  1. Just ADORE it! Super looking bears and super little honey pots... (you've even got a Bramber Bear in there!)..... although I do feel a little bit sorry for Lion, the dog not being allowed to join in the 'Honeydays' celebrations!

    1. Happy, you like them :)
      Our bramberbear is a kind gift from Dee.
      Sadly I just missed the auction for another Bramber_Bear.
      -Knut, the polarbear is made by DollMum! Don't know, who made Ursa and Minibear.
      But Sylvester, Blondie and TT are german 'Pauli-Bären', sold on eBay.

  2. Love seeing all the Commoneo bears getting together for a Honey fest ! Love your new girl Ursa Minor and nice to see TT back in time to join the fun!
    Poor Lion not allowed to join the fun !

    1. Poor Lion yesterday made a disaster, so today he had to stay off.
      It's better, -because he honey is soo sticky...

  3. I LOVE Bears...so I love yours!! Super post...and the name Ursa Minor is very clever...she is a star :)

  4. What a super bunch of Bären you have there! I love the new girl, Ursa Minor, what a cute name too :) I have to say that I have a deep affection for bears but also for dogs, so am very saddened to see that poor Lion isn't invited to the Honeyfest...after all, I do believe bears and dogs are distantly related!! :)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx
    PS now you have me wanting a new bear.......

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  7. Wonderful post about the bears having a picnic honey - I'm delighted to see how many bears you've got now, compared to when the Sasha Commoneos were asking and asking for a bear because they loved the Village Sasha bears so much. Glad to see Knut did is getting involved in the honey feast. I'm sure his cousin at the Village Sasha and Mr Mossy would love to join in the honey feast.