9. Januar 2015

** Boys will be boys

Was wird heute gegeben? -You see! Siehst du doch: Jungs! -Aha.
Typisch. Da kommt der Experte und mischt sich ein! -Justian. Was hat der denn wieder an? What a sight he is?   -Der steht auf sowas. Wissen wir doch. He really goes for this.
Kaum macht man was richtig... schon klappt's!
-Ich kann gar nicht hinsehen.  -Pech. Misfortune.  -Nein. Lion!

A special thanks from Justian to Michelle, who knows his favorites.


  1. Dogs! Who'd have them!

    I know that most of us are busily watching the main action here as the tower is built from the cardboard triangles BUT cast your eyes further in and watch the delicate movements of the three bears sitting on the sofa. Just wonderful!

    1. Thanks Kendal :)

      It was fun writing the bears comments. As I watched the english translation, it was terrible. So I add some english words to make it more understandable. But the one highly ironic sentence, I sadly couldn't translate.

      (The bears reminds me on the comic 'Asterix and Obelix'. In one story, there are 3 old men, sitting always near a battle on a bench or a pile of wood, commenting unaffected the young men fighting, talking about bygone times and their deseases.)

    2. Another great post Digne, love those bears sitting there in the background making their comments and watching life in general! So expressive.
      In a way they remind me of those two elderly gents in The Muppets who used to complain about everything going on from the sidelines....LOL
      I love the boys outfits too, very individual :)
      Big hugs Sharon xxx

    3. Thanks Sharon, ... this reminds me on
      our need for more of these great socks :)

  2. Amazing how much fun they can have with pieces of folded cardboard.

  3. Wonderful just like real boys although with the added extra of the boys chatting! They are very like the old men of the Asterix books that my daughters used to read when young :)

  4. Another fun post! Thank you!!

  5. Another great story, beautifully photographed.
    I think your bears are like Stadler and Waldorf - the old men who comment on the action in The Muppets!