30. Januar 2015

Dear Mossy the Green

Thanks so much for answering.
Hope TT doesn't bother you with the 'crazy bretons'.
Will patiently wait for the fluffy and pink coming my way.
If it's a marshmallow,  I'll share it with you, promise!
But it just seems we're getting much more WHITE here.

Sylvester send greetings and thanks for the special gloves,
which are very helpful! We will tell more about our journey soon. 

Your friend abroad; Cumberland ♥


  1. Oh no! Now those poor little bears are being forced to take the furniture out into the snow! Will nobody rescue them from all that white?

  2. Oh dear, that's too sad...bring those poor bears in out of the cold and give them some milky hot chocolate and toasted honey sandwiches. I've heard that's the only meal that will help cold bears to become warmed up again!
    Bighugs Sharon xxx

  3. My Sasha Brood have just dialled 999 so hopefully help shouldn't be too long in coming!

  4. Cumberland!! Get off that chair and help poor Silvester get it back into the warm! He must be frozen under the weight of the chair and you !
    He'll need them 'gloves' on his feet to take away the chill ! and what are you doing outside in all this white snowy weather? find shelter now! :)

  5. Dear Cumbie
    If you freeze to death can you get them to send me your chair? We don't have any bear chairs here in the village, although when I ask Mrs Mum , she tap's her nose and smiles and walks away!
    I have suggested to Edward to call the doctor and get her locked up but he just roared with laughter and said he'd like to see them try and cart Mrs Mum off!
    Anyway if you survive you trek out in that cold cold snow and do find any marchmellow's I will keep my open for the packet!
    You good friend
    Mossy the Green
    Oh and follow the PINK it will lead you home or at least back into the warm !!

  6. You there Cumbie?
    If you get a direct line of Mr Mossy, you could ask him to gaze into his emerald to see where your new room is.
    Then please ask if it works at finding missing Sashas. We have mislaid the box we packed them in when the builders came.
    Your friend,
    Growley Bear

  7. Well, I think he looks great in his WALNUT WHIP wrapper hat! He's fine out there..he has a furry coat :)

  8. Hello dear Visitors,
    you are priceless, -you all ♥
    I was laughing loud reading your comments!

    Warm wishes - see you soon,