19. Januar 2015

Dear Mrs.Ronny A.Sasha

>> NO, Trendon. You'll NOT move to AbsolutelySasha! I don't mind, if there are VW-Bugs en masse. -But, with all due respect, Mrs. Digne. At Commoneo, we don't usual handcuffing people with dissenting opinions... -Direct and straightforward: We don't want to lose you, boy.
See Cumberland and Sylvester, -it was just a joke for Mrs. Ronny. I'll stay here, promise! -Word! -Word, Cumberland - these 'seats' are not adequate to beary requirements!


  1. She's Right Trendon! You don't want to live with Ronny and her VW - Bugs, she's make you sleep in the garage and spend your days and possibly nights! changing the oil and polishing the paint work!!
    You are best to stay with Mrs Digne and the bears of the Commoneo, who need some comfy chairs!! :)

  2. I'll be the first to admit what an attraction these older VWs can be! .....but attractive enough to make you want to leave your own family and home??? I very much doubt it.

  3. Don't listen to these girls Trendon......You would have a wonderful time living with me!!!
    Thank you Anne for this fabulous post...it made me smile!!

  4. No chance, Trendon. She aready has a boy called Trendon ........
    Or does she.........
    Why would she want another one?........
    What has she done with Trendon Number 1?.......
    You may find Mrs Ronny is not what she seems and you might be sold into slavery so she can buy another VW Beetle...

    Stay at home where you are safe and well looked after!

    1. Thanks Jen...knew I could rely on you :)
      Anne's Trendon won't want to live with me now!!!

  5. *hahaha
    I love to read you, exchanging your standpoints.
    Thanks a lot.

    But I had corrupt Trendon...

  6. Perhaps Ronny will arrive at the CnS in a VW - guaranteed all the Trendon lads will be all over the car like a flash polishing it and hoping for a ride, with Trendon Commoneo out there in front.