11. Januar 2015

**** Dolls will be dolls

Sie sagt, wir dürfen nicht aufs Sofa!
Weil die Puppen den Platz brauchen.

Ich hau ab.  -Das ist langweilig.  - Und dann noch ohne Sofa!
 -Achtung, Indra liest vor... Sessel für MICH.  -Ich nehm das Kissen! -Ich Lion! -Oh, es wird voll hier!


  1. Perfect! I do like very much your posts Anne!

    1. I feel honoured! Very much.
      I'm just growing some more centimeters - äh -inches ... anyway.

  2. Wonderful, I love every thing about it! :)

  3. It's just like little girls playing with their dolls in real life! Really clever stuff.
    I SO want a set up like yours!
    Think that this will be my main Sasha aim for this year.

  4. How cute! I love the photos of the girls with their dollies, so realistic and sweet. Funny how the bears have been banished to a chair instead of the sofa.....LOL.....but they'll be back on that sofa again, I'm sure of it.....they'll not sit for long on the hard chair :)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx