31. Januar 2015


Let's go!  Look left - this  is our way...

No. So far I see -and I really don't see much - it's better THERE, to the right...

Do tell! Eyes front. Our way is straightforward.

Allwere SNOW. But I have to follow the pink! -?? It's time we got going.  -Moment!  -Wait. I don't think...


  1. I'm getting very worried about these four little bears out in all that snow!! The way looks long and empty!! Turn back little fellows and kick that boy Trendon out the room and claim a corner for the bears!! :)

  2. Ps I LOVE the winter scenes especially the second from last photo with the buildings in the distance :)

  3. This is castle 'Wartburg', yesterday.
    You know; were Martin Luther 1521/22 translated the bible (new Testament) -
    from greek to german.

    Thanks for your suggestions. I'm afraid they just have to solve their internal problems :)

  4. Beautiful Winter scenery but totally spoilt by my worry and concern for those four little lost bears out in all theat cold and snow.
    Dialling 999 Emergency again.

  5. They should put down the chairs, sit in them for a while and enjoy the wonderful scenery.

    I think they are hoping to move into Wartburg Castle. That would be most fitting. Being German makes them bear nobility, ask anybody who has ever been owned by a Steiff bear!

    Um das Schloss, oh edler Bären!

    With respect,
    Growley (a humble peasant bear)

  6. WOW they are going to live in a CASTLE!! Wunderbar!!

  7. Wonderful pictures of the bears and scenery...I am so enjoying this post!

  8. Such a lot has happened to these bears since I last looked in - glad that bears don't seem to mind the cold, it looks really cold in all that snow.
    If this is The Exodus will they continue wandering until they find the promised land? I hope they find it soon!

  9. Wunderschön und entspannend sonntagabend bei Ihnen!
    Images Animated Gif

  10. Oh boy!!!! That is tooooooo cold looking even for furry bears. I think you should all come and live here with me, it's not warm at the moment and actually pouring with rain but at least you can come in and cuddle up in front of the fire with my little dogs. Actually, no, that's not such a good idea after all, my dogs would probably cover you in slobber!
    I hope you're brought in from the cold soon....