29. Januar 2015


We won't wait, Cumberland! -What are you doing there? - I finally want to check the other things... this ist nothing to eat, I'm sure!
But here is something to carry cheeky bears in! -Haha! -Perfect match! -NO! GET ME OUTTA HERE!
Oh. I see something really useful. These are gloves for workers. -Work gloves has to be pink?
 These are  foreign gloves. -They are crazy these Britons! -Be carefully, someone could be sore-But this is only a quote. From Obelix! In his opinion the germans and the romans are crazy as well. -I see pink. Again! -Only gloves, buddy, the working gloves.
Nothing... -Let's decamp now! -Square your shoulders. -Fight side by side! -A Room For Ones Own!
If Mrs. Woolf would be able to hear this! ... I still got the feeling there's something behind me.
I'm afraid to look back. But the feeling is PINK. And the sound is ticking.
Mr. Mossy of The Village - great clairvoyant,
amongst BramberBears.... if you read this: I need your advice.
Am I lunatic?


  1. YES...YOU ARE LUNATIC.....:)

    1. Dear Mrs. Simply Sasha,
      perhaps I am. I just hope, not too much.
      As Paracelsus said:
      "The dose makes the poison"

      Yours sincerely

  2. Dear Cumbie

    You are not A Lunatic! Don't listen to that old Icy Queen! But it's hard to see you for all the PINK that surrounds you!
    Have you fallen into a pot of pink dye? My sense's tell me something fluffy and pink is coming your way, I believe it's a big marshmallow ! If it is can you send me some that would be good,I do like Marshmallow dipped in Honey.

    Your friend
    Mossy the Green

    1. Thanks Mossy the Green! Cumbie will answer you.

      And thanks Dee, for the parcel.
      It was full of fit occasions ...

  3. Awww another brilliant post.....looks like a little pink candy floss has arrived, oooh something nice to eat, pink candy floss !
    Bighugs Sharon xxx

    1. Zuckerwatte! Yummy!

      Hugs back, Sharon.