28. Januar 2015


Are we there yet? -Obviously not. But where are we now? -I'll check this.
This is the kitchen.  Table!
Let's have a short rest. -We need something to munch! -I... can't... carry... on... much...

... longer. -Poor Sylvester. Look at the others, there are still upright! -They don't have to carry YOU, my friend. -Oh! Over there. I see a parcel. Let's get an eyeful of this. - I need a mouthful!
Classic heavenly send opportunity! -What's this... 'WalnutWhip'? -Never heard. Smells like something to eat. -I'm huuungry!!
I'm from the UK, you know - and I promise: this IS something to cure your desperation.
Looks good to me. -But...mmh... should we do this?  -We're hungry, this is a kitchen. Kitchen are serving food. Usually. -Consequential. -Of course it is!
Join hands. -Bear- Bear- WalnutWhip! -Enjoy your meal! -Appetite comes with chairs!
*Munch* -*Smack* -Not so bad, this Whipthingy! -Yum! But... feels like there's something behind my back...
But there's nothing ... -You were right , Cumbie, my desperation is blown away.  -That was delicious, brothers. Now let's shoulder our chairs again. -A Room For Ones Own! -A Room For Ones Own! -WAIT...

This is only to explain to Mr. Digne 

where the second WalnutWhip 

(his one) is gone ...

With special thanks to Mrs.D.Mum. She giveth and the bears taketh away.


  1. Oh It's all happening in the Commoneo's house!! Poor Mr D, walnut whip eaten by the bears , so they can carry on their search for a room of their own!!
    And I think I saw something lurking in the parcel.... but it was gone too quick!
    This story is getting very interesting, I must get a walnut whip for the next part so I can keep up MY energy.
    Dee :)
    And Mr D won't believe that poor excuse for you eating his walnut whip... :))

    1. Shh, ...we don't tell him about WalnutWhips, don't we?
      He's very german, he don't know them so far.

  2. Hihi... Deine Kleinen sind auf ihrer Asylsuche unverhofft auf Leckerlis gestossen... haben sie sich nach der Plackerei aber auch verdient ;0)
    Ich hoff mal der Weg ist nicht mehr allzuweit...
    ansonsten vielleicht doch ein Grossraum-Taxi bedtellen

    1. Hallo Saphira, du Gute! Großraumtaxi ist ne prima Idee *g
      Ich denk schon drüber nach.
      DAS wär ja maln echter gag,
      wenn ich ne Taxe bezahle, die dann Bären einläd und rumkutscht. Liebe Zeit!

  3. Quite unbelievable! Where do YOU get your wonderful ideas from?
    Poor Sylvester having to carry that extra Bramber Bear's weight. Perhaps the other big bear (just forgotten his name) will offer on the next leg of their journey?
    There has been no Walnut Whips on sale around these parts since before Christmas, we're having to wait for the New Year's stocks to arrive in our supermarkets.
    (PS. I'm rather dreading to see how the translation of this post will turn out!)

    1. Don't know where are the ideas from.
      (My sister says, if we were young, I'm always telling stories about little mice and their adventures.) They drop in my head by playing around. But there's always something dropping in, pictures and thoughts...

      I have to meditate again for having a bit more silence in there :)

  4. Gosh! I don't believe it! It's turned out WORD PERFECT today!

    1. Hurra! Good to read that!
      The system forfeited!

  5. Dee has been at the Walnut Whips again K...that why there is a shortage where you are :)
    Love the bears...such a great post!!

    1. Ah! Important informations!
      I'm now addicted to these Whips and now knowing where to find. Ha!

  6. Alas, poor Mr. D......but it was in a good cause. Those poor, homeless bears needed it so badly.

    Infact, they are lucky because I THINK I can see somebody else who has had a long jorney close by the chocolate and hasn't decided to eat it.

    1. Thanks, Jenny - for easing me about Mr. Dignes loss :)
      I need that!

  7. LOL Another brilliant post, those bears are very very resourceful, fancy finding that lovely package there, containing of all things a WALNUT WHIP!!!! Of course today had to be the day that I chose to be good again food-wise, as I have been a bit naughty this month......but no, I will not be tempted by chocolate, and certainly not by Walnut Whips, bearing in mind it is more than 1.5 hours to the nearest place that might sell them!
    I thought I glimpsed a little pinkness inside that package, with black shiney eyes.....could it be another bear moving in the Digne Household????? Has she heard about their comfy chairs?
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. *blushing* Oh Sharon, don't say 'brilliant' to me!

      This was the first WalnutWhip I ever saw in real and eat it for the first time- and a second time, you know, leaving nothing to poor Mr.Digne.
      I'm naughty! *g

      I really don't know how to put the pink- and other things together. The bears will do it themself, I hope ...