27. Januar 2015


You're moving?
Slow down Sylvester, I'll talk to him... -Come along, Cumbie. If I stop I fall over.
... you heard us claiming a room for ourself... -Whoa-there
... we'll go and find one! - Good luck. See you soon!  -*moan and groan*
-This is not a bed of roses.
*Plonk* - Don't bump down, TT. - We sit in traffic. -Sit tight! -No need for sarcasm, Mr. Trendon. The final chapter has not yet been written!


  1. Poor bears! Hope they don't BEAR a grudge ... they will have to grin and BEAR it!! Maybe they all need a BEAR hug!!
    I am loving these little stories... I can't BEAR to drag myself away from your blog!!

    1. Quick; look into a mirror:
      are whiskers growing near your nose or do your earshape changing?
      Phew. I'm eased!

      Bearhugs to you xxx

  2. Just looked in the mirror...and everything looks fine...OLD but fine :)

    1. Same here ;)
      We're not in danger to BEarised...

  3. Wonderful, that first photo of the bears and their chairs being carried away, I adore it! :) and then the next with Cumbie telling Sylverster to slow down so he can talk to Trendon!
    I can bearly wait to see what happens next :)

  4. I couldn't wish for a better way to start my day than a visit to your blog! Such a superb 'Sasha Fix'.....there's nothing to equal it!
    I leave my laptop ready to face another day with a happy heart and a great big smile on my face!
    YET more please! Your posts are 'Right up my Sasha street!'

  5. LOL this made me laugh, those bears are hilarious.....but there must be more to this, I cannot imagine that they're going so 'quietly'......they've not sewn old shrimps into the curtains or put bad eggs under the carpet have they? You just never know.....but if they have done, then you will definitely KNOW it in a couple of weeks, especially if the house is nice and warm!!! phew!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

  6. Ha ha ha - 4 bear pile up - priceless!

  7. Poor bears, just when they might want to hibernate, a bossy big boy makes them move! I do hope they find their own little sitting room.
    Come on, Mr. Trendon. You are bigger than they are. Lend them a hand, those chairs look heavy for small bears to move.

  8. Absolutely wonderful post, what a laugh! Poor bears.