8. Januar 2015

* Girls will be girls

Warum machen die das?
Keine Ahnung!
Aber ich könnt stundenlang zusehen!
 Sie hat grad  'Shut up, blackdemons!' gesagt!
Wen meint sie damit??


  1. And what pretty girls they both are!

  2. Love the third and forth photo's , so real. And loved the bears talking about watching them pretty themselves and not knowing why but liking to watch.
    another great post :)

  3. Such pretty girls - how good to have a sister/friend to fix your hair!
    Your bears made me laugh.

  4. Those bears are 'priceless!'
    Not so much of a case of 'Standing on the corner watching all the girls go by' BUT sitting warmly and comfortably on the settee watching the girls 'pretty' themselves in front of the mirror.... AND with fabulous results I might add!.

  5. Brilliant photos, so realistic, they look like real little girlies prettying themselves in front of the mirror :) And yes, those bears are so funny sitting there and then their expressions are pretty priceless :) Love It!!!!

    Big hugs Sharon xxx

  6. Thanks for watching -and for your kind words. Special thanks for the word 'to pretty'.
    My dictionary didn't tell me :)
    Love it and hope I'll keep it in mind.

  7. Meinst Du wenn ich nett frage darf ich in die Sasha WG miteinziehen? ??? :0)

    1. Falls du 'killevips' kennst; hast du ne Chance. Bestimmt :)

  8. Such lovely girls and the bears are very funny.