4. Januar 2015

The W H O L E world -1

See: this is the whole world. On a picture. I want to show you, were all the people come from... who are visiting us every day!
Soo big. -Whole world!
He's got the whooole world, in his hands...
Nice. You sing in tune, Loki. Now, I'll tell you the names of all the countries. This is...
It's always sad, to take the decorations down from the Christmas tree. And there are only 3 days of christmas left.
This is Russia, the people are talking russian there...


  1. How helpful your boy is to tell the toddlers and babies who is calling in to see them all at the Commoneo home.
    It is sad when the Christmas decorations come down but it does mean that you have space for other things.

    1. Exactly.
      I didn't find the christmasbox, the Krusies packed last year. It disappeared!

  2. How cute are your babies and toddlers!!!

    1. Thanks, I'm happy you like them!

  3. I have 'fallen in love' with your blog.
    The room settings and dolls are just so realistic! How I would love mine to be like this!

  4. I love maps and these small ones are perfect for the Sashas! I bought my dolls a small globe for Christmas and they are all very interested in it :)
    It's so nice to see where other people come from and live :)
    Big hugs Sharon xx
    PS THANK YOU very much for my card and little book which arrived on Saturday, Anne! Such a sweet surprise for my dolls, who love books :) xxx