5. Januar 2015

The W H O L E world -2

Markus - if you're pointing on the left side, I know from here, it's NOT Russia!
It was the USA or perhaps Mexico. THIS is Russia.
It's true, on the map below, you can also READ it.
Big country!  -Yes, and there are some other countries, which in the past belongs to Russia (the UDSSR)  Like Belarus, Ukraine, Kasakhstan, Moldova...
Luzie and Markus, this is very interesting, but too much for these little kiddies. Don't be cross with me, but I'll tuck them in now. - Ok. Maybe you're right! Off you go to bed, Marika and Erik!
Bedtime, Like and Ludwig!
Hop in my arms, Erik.
Sweet dreams!
They're all gone *sigh*
But so many countries left!  Ah, and Ludwig!
You're never too young and it's never too late - to really realise, we're not alone in this -oh so big- world...
... and it's our Job trying to live in peace with everyone out there.


  1. Wonderful! Love him getting it wrong and being corrected. All the little ones going off to bed and Markus telling Ludwig we are not alone!! :)

    1. I thought about, - he gives in so easy, usualy there's a struggle then...

  2. What a lovely, well-educated family you have!

    1. Thanks and sorry, Jenni - they're maybe too well educated and precocius.
      It cannot be denied, that I'm an educator ;)

  3. I just can't get enough of your blogposts!

    I adore how the babies and toddlers have been posed on the settee listening to the geography lesson even though it may have been a little too much for them to understand at the moment and then them being tired, carefully gathered up and carried up to bed at the end.

    The last photo is just priceless with it's message of live in World peace.
    Many thanks indeed for yet another most memorable post.

    1. Thanks so much for finding time to comment, Kendal. I'm happy, you like it to be here:)

  4. Sooooo sweet, particularly the photo of Erik getting a cuddle from his big sister.
    You are inspiring us all to want more props and set up scenes for our dolls :)
    I am anxious to get started but will have to wait until my family go back to the UK!!!!
    I have my little Toddler visitor here too, waiting to have her new wardrobe sewn and photos taken.....so much to do, so little time ;)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx