15. Januar 2015


Wait! You're the Commoneo for the 'Team Trendon'. Just let me take a pic. -But I'm in a hurry, because... - Please go to the left side.
Just a minute! Look at ME :) -But...

Great! What are you carrying? -A  spare jerrycan. For the VW-Beetle-Rescue-Company at...  -MOVE!
Perfect! Why's your hair so flat? -I sleeked it. Please... -Come on, more spirited!
Want to see my back too? ... I'm off then, CU ...
The 'Team T*R*E*N*D*O*N' ist located at Sasha Village
Just have a look!


  1. Well, Anne not only do I LOVE your T*R*E*N*D*O*N* but I also love his Beetle Rescue Gerry can :) If you ever get fed up with either of them please send both Trendon and gerry can to me :)

    1. The can is for YOU. That's what he wanted to explain ;)
      (But why he was in a hurry --- no idea.)
      I found it and thought, Ronny might have many of them, but bought it anyway- to ask you.
      Want more? Simply send me your adress :)

      Ahem - but Trendon will stay here! He wasn't sure, because he loves VW-Bugs, -but I corrupt him *gg

    2. Wow! Thank you SO much Anne! I don't know what to say! That is so kind!! I will email you x

  2. Trendon is pretty and he knows it, fantastic photo story, loved it especially him :)

    1. Hej Louise, thanks a lot.
      So glad you enjoyed it !

  3. What a 'HEARTHROB' your T*R*E*N*D*O*N is! He'd better watch out as the English girls will be all over him.
    Typical lad, can't stand still for a minute. Loved the Jerrycan./Jerrican. Very lucky SS.

    1. Ah- again a new word no dictionary told me!
      I repeat:
      to pretty,
      Hearthrob (In german this is 'Herzensdieb')

      My vocabulary it rising. Slowly, but permanent. Thanks so much!

  4. He's going to make the Sasha's hearts flutter!! A gorgeous new Trendon lad to join the team .
    Love his outfit too :)

    1. ...but barefoot again.
      And I a l w a y s tell them: put on houseshoes or at least slippersocks.
      But no...

  5. What a handsome fellow this one is! Love his posing, I wonder was he a Supermodel in another life? Maybe he was once a model at the Sasha factory and hence the name Trendon?
    He certainly has all the moves :)
    Love the Jerrycan too :)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Thanks Sharon! Do we want him to know, he's got the moves?
      Better not yet, right?
      Hugs back!

  6. Your TRENDON is a very handsome lad, I agree with Kendal - a definite hearthrob. I like the jerrycan as well.

  7. Thanks, happy you like him.
    Hope to join the Chat'nSnap with him ;)