20. Januar 2015

Tuesday. The Sit-In. Horizontal.

What's this?
Hej Boys! Are you ok?
No. We're suffering from not having suitable seats. - So we decided to have a Sit-In. But recumbent. -It's kind of a demonstration. Invented in the 1968th
Gosh! Now they go  b a n a n a s!
Brothers! I got the feeling, Trendon could be right. We're bears. Bears are furry. Furry people can sit everywhere! - Perhaps...
The proof is in the pudding. -Pertinently!
Trendon? Do you think I can take the Beetle? I'll show it to my friend in the middle-age and I'm sure he will be very gobsmacked! - Never. Sorry, Timetravel. Don't give it another thought. It's all mine!  Got it from Mrs. Digne, because ... doesn't matter.
-I just had a try. Ah, not so bad after all.
-Yes. I can't blind myself to the facts: this is homely.


  1. Oh, Little Bear Friends

    You need soft chairs. When I was young, I thought my thick fur was enough to sit upon and didn't mind hard chairs or sitting on the floor. But that wore my fur away and now, at the age of 58, I am so bald that I must shame myself by wearing HUMAN CLOTHES.

    Take care of your health! Demand chairs!

    Growley Bear (an aging Chiltern Bear)

    1. Dear Mr. Growley Bear,

      thank you for giving us advice.
      We'll keep that in mind!

      Please- don't feel ashamed by wearing clothes. It just seems to be up-to-date.
      You always stay a bear! It's an inside thing.

      Yours faithfully,
      TimeTravel, Blondie and Cumberland of Commoneo

  2. I am loving that VW Beetle...and TRENDON :)

  3. Snap SS! I'm loving both of those too!

  4. LOVE IT! A ' SIT ' IN !! wonderful, love how they are all laying around trying to make their point but I see Silvester is comfy cosy in the Chair!!
    I hope Cumberland does not fall asleep and roll off the mantelpiece! I also hope my bears don't see this I, don't need them all staging a SIT in!! :)

  5. Another great post, got to love those bears, sit in and all :)
    Trendon is such a handsome lad, and that is a very nice VW that he's got there :)
    hugs Sharon xx