14. Januar 2015

****** Visitors will be ... not incognito!

Nothing... - Be patient!
Oops! -Gasp! -Help?
Awww...  -Marvelous!
Good gracious! I see - somebody with almondshaped eyes! Is this our unknown friend in China? - Eh voilà, trés chic - c'est un de notre amis francais? Und Saphira... bist du das?  *winkewinke*  nach Bayern!
Look! This could be in eastern europe - it's snowing! HELLOOO there, nice to seeee you :)  Czech Republik and Ukraine - and Poland: dzień dobry! Russia... здравствуй!  -Moldavia: Buna seara, Uncle Sim! Ce faci?
I can't believe it - is it Spain? Hola Sharon and Jackie!! And here's Australia. We know Cloud and Klaus there - Juhuuu! -There are also some swedish friends: ... Hej Hej!
Yayy - Ireland... I know this MUST be Nikki. Helloooo Nikki!  -And the Netherlands: Hoi Mary Hokke, lieve Groetjes! Oh look- Canada and the United States ... how are youuuu? - Stop! - Waiit, I see Dee, and Kendal, Rosie, Dollmum and a VW-Bug, oh behind it there's Ronny ...  -STOP It NOW!!
We have to shut the window. I said WEE bit of dollymagic!
INCREDIBLE! - Unbelievable! -Wasn't that absolutely wonderful? -Adam, this was really a joy!
Dear friends, we're so happy to meet you today 'in person'! -- You're a bunch of lovely people. -- See you next time!

Auf Wiedersehen!


  1. Nice to meet you too!! This is a fun post...love it!

  2. WONDERFUL to meet you too! :)

  3. Brilliant!!! I saw you all when I looked out of my window!!! It was so lovely to meet you all in person! In fact I would go so far as to say it was MAGICAL ;)

  4. We can all see each other through your magic window.

  5. So pleased that you could see all of us here as we could see you over there VERY clearly.
    Goodnight and God bless you., Sweet dreams.

  6. *winke winke* zurück....
    ach Du hast so klasse Ideen...
    ja die Welt ist tatsächlich so klein geworden. Meine Mum ist im Moment in Südamerika und wir können uns ohne Zeitverzögerung whatsappen :0) vor 20 Jahren war mein Dad auf so grossen Reisen für Wochen verscholllen... schön Euch durchs Magic Window zu sehen

  7. Hello to you all - what beautiful faces through the magical window :)

    1. And we were soo happy to SEE you :)