17. Januar 2015

Wir haben es satt! -- We are fed up! Fair trade instead of free trade!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Meine sehr geehrten Damen und Herren!
Wir müssen ihnen mitteilen,
das Mrs. Digne sich heute erneut aufmacht die Welt zu retten.
Sie wird heute mit 20.000 anderen Menschen in Berlin
Es geht nicht an, dass Konzerne riesige Summen Subventionen dafür bekommen, 
dass sie Felder und unser Essen vergiften und Tiere in Mastanstalten quälen, 
während die letzten verantwortungsbewussten Bauern aufgeben müssen,
weil sie da nicht mithalten können -und wollen!
Auch TTIP und CETA müssen gestoppt werden (Bitte den Aufruf unterzeichnen), 
denn diese Verträge beenden endgültig, 
was von unserer Demokratie noch übrig ist!
Wie war ich, Jungs?
Sind eigentlich auch Bären auf der Demo? Für gesunde Bienen! Und reichlich Honig!


  1. In our hearts and minds, my husband and I will be marching (me) and driving our little old tractor(my husband) with these brave souls. Thank you for showing us this link!

    1. You're welcome!
      Saw many tractors there and I looove tractors. They spend a lot of money for gas for driving to this demonstration
      One of my old neighbors here is helping me since years ploughing my little piece of land. (See left link to 'Vogelweide' = my garden)
      He knows so much about growing food. These generation knows how to live undependent from industry! I learned to work with a scythe and the old men watched me sceptical and told me, how they as older children have to mow early in the days with their grandfathers, -because their fathers were soldiers. It was a hard time for them.
      I don't know if in the UK the farmers agree with 'modern agriculture'.


  2. Kendal17.01.15 09:36
    I'm just adoring your news-reader and his fabulous chair against the perfect background for this announcement.
    PS. Sorry. Had to delete the above comment due to the translation errors.

    1. Thanks Kendal!!
      I've to find out, what these translations errors are!

  3. The news reader was very good! He looks just the part with his newsroom. Thank goodness Mrs Digne is fighting and marching against these treatments to farming and animals. and yes bears can march to save the bees and the honey!
    Our hearts are with you little bear friends!
    all the bramber bears and children and others at the Sasha Village

    1. Next year I'll take a bear with me.
      I just thought about going with my beekeepers 'uniform' and smoker :)

  4. We're marching with you little bear - we buy fairtrade whenever we can, we buy organically grown vegetables from a vegbox delivery company and we don't use pesticides in our garden. Clemence bear and friends at DollMum's house.

  5. Marching for a very good cause, and those bears will benefit too, protecting trees, bees and honey!
    Love your little 'newsreader' bear, what a cutie and did a fantastic job with his story.

    1. 'Protecting bees and trees'
      sounds like the beginnig of a poem :)