6. Februar 2015

10> Exodus ... coming home


RingRing... HELLOOO!  Nobody at home? Can no longer...
BLONDIE! You've found the way home! Great you're back!
Love you too... but HELP me please, it's falling down. And me as well...
Poor boy. Where are the others?
Sylvester was running away after our controversy about our way. TT traveled to Africas history *zzing*, because he feels cold. And I was alone with the snow and 2 chairs!  ...Just you wait, TT!
We'll see. We found Cumbie out there yesterday, he was fallen from the chair Sylvester was carrying. He's ok,  I think.
Something to eat and a nap and you'll be fully recovered.
Huhu Blondie, we bring warm tee to you. -And something to read. -I put it  .. on this box here. -Thanks a lot.
You're looking weird, Marika. -No I'm looking NICE. Mrs. Digne says, little ladies are beautiful with a new hairdo. -But you are NOT a lady! -PLease kiddies, I want SLEEP now!


  1. Thank goodness! Blondie has found his way home! and carrying two chairs! TT was very bad to leave him and go off time travelling to the sun!
    He must have a very good sence of direction, Silvester should have trusted him :)
    Love his little bed, I am NOT letting mine bears see that we have enough trouble with our one chair!!
    Love the twins bear sweaters and trousers by Michelle but Marika's hair is very...modern ;)

  2. Oh! Poor Blondie having to struggle home laden with two of the chairs although I don't blame TT for heading out towards the sunshine with all this cold and snow that you are having over there.
    Most impressed with all the little bits of snow details here and there in the photos.Makes everywhere look so realistic.

    SO Cumbie's already home, TT away in Africa soaking up the sun and Blondie now back too..... so all that now remains to return to the fold is Sylvester and his Ikea chair.

    Loving the Twin toddlers in those very smart outfits.... AND that little bear-sized cot

  3. What can I say...wonderful post....

  4. Thank goodness someone safely home. But has noone noticed the mouse?

  5. Brilliant, as always! And love the little Toddlers at the end....love Marika's hair like that too, soooo cute :)
    Hugs Sharon xxx