7. Februar 2015

11> Exodus ... Sylvesters Mission2

Finally - here I am above the world!
Left the Wartburg and right behind me; the Wartburg-Hotel
Stunning, he? Seems as they got no more money, they stopped building with stone and using wooden framework instead.
The Thueringer-Wald. Awsome!
More of the Thueringer-Wald and Eisenach...
See the summit lacking of wood and the spire vis-á-vis? This is the Buschenschaftsdenkmal. The 'Student Fraternty Monument' was build in 1902. Because they all was so happy to now have a german nation-state.
So many rooms for one's own. Marvellous. I'm only missing the sun...
The entrance. See me?
The inner courtyard.    --- Let's see, if I can find a place for us.


  1. Endlich zu Hause, kleiner Bär.........Das Schloss ist perfekt für Sie!

    1. Meinst du, Jenni?
      So eine große Burg und so ein kleiner Bär :)

      Schön, wenn ich mal wieder deutsch schreiben kann ...

  2. Antworten
    1. I love your computer enforcing your comments *g

  3. I am loving Silvester's thinking! To live in this magnificent castle would be perfect! I would of course have to bring all the Village bears for a visit! I am sure he could find some beds for us all!
    Looking forward to seeing which room he decides to call HOME!! :)

    1. But do the people working on the castle just waiting for a bear?

  4. Wonderful scenery and views.... although I couldn't spot him in the entrance photo.
    Thanks for this supreme photgraph and effort in all that cold and snow. I bow to your bear posing patience and story skills.

    MY very favourite photos in this storyline so far has to be the two lads searching for the bears out in the dark with the lantern and torch. Totally magnificent.

    1. He sits the right corner, where the chain ends in the wooden bridge :)

      Thanks Kendal!

  5. WOW, you do have some fantastic castles there in Germany :)

    1. Yes, were rich in castles :)
      In thuringia, there are many small mountains, just perfect for castles to watch over the landscape and the streets, of course-
      to get money from all the poor people passing ...