10. Februar 2015

12> Exodus ... Sylvesters Mission3

Nice, isn't it?
The precinct. And landscape.
More landscape...
Above a lion. Below a museum. And  the 'Sängersaal' for concerts and festivities, like the german Abitur!

(Last year Sim made his Abitur and get his certificate here... he was the only one with yellow trousers:)
The tower. Do we want a room here?  ...No. Windy and cold.
The hotel. To expensive.
Folks; I got the feeling, this is a place for tourists and rich people. You don't see them on the pics, but -believe me-, they ARE there and I have to lurk around them all the time. There's no quiet little hideaway for bears. *sigh*
And it's a pretty long way down again. Shall I abandon the project? NO. But where should I seek now?
Ah. A signal. Wish I could have a HotHoney just now... TheVillage must be a wonderful place to live.
But - there's still the 'Burschenschaftsdenkmal'. I must find it and put it to the proof. 

„I’m a poor lonesome cowboy, 

and a long way from home“


  1. Thank you Silvester for showing us some of the Castle and the views but you are right it would be too cold and noisy for a family of bears to rest and chat while drinking their hot honey!
    I love that Sim wore his yellow trousers, shows he is an original and that is the best way to be!
    Love also The Village Hot Honey sign ! Maybe Silvester will arrive on his journey to rest in the village , get warm with a hot honey drink before carrying on his quest!! But hopefully he'll find his way back home and hear the good news!! :)

  2. Yeah good for Sim in those yellow trousers, individuality rules!!!
    Like Dee says, it's too noisy and crowded with tourists .... as well as cold, for the bears to hang out there.....go to The Village, take up the invitation for hot honey, and enjoy!!!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

  3. Sim was on a Waldorf school -and most of them in germany has to make Abitur extern in a public school.
    There are more pupils in the public classes and they are wearing the most formal clothes at this day.
    But I love these few being themself (as far as they are able to, in this age)

    I hope Sylvester is coming home, but who knows? Finding more signs and perhaps he debouch and one day arrives at TheVillage? Poor Mrs Mum!

    1. At the other classes are much more girls than boys. Interesting, it's conversley at this school.
      Probably it's because Steiner schools demanding and honoring individualism.
      Boys seems to need this more than girls.
      Sim is my youngest 'child' and now off for a social-year in Moldavia.