19. Februar 2015

16> Exodus ... Sylvesters Mission5

Perhaps I'm wrong.

... instead of searching for a 'room for one's own'...
 ... I should find the way home to the Commoneos?
I'm hungry. Should I eat these fir cones for the rest of my life? Much ruffage, -but I love honey!


  1. Poor Silvester out in the cold with nothing to eat but pine cones!! Oh I hope Crazie finds him soon and guides him home, to some lovely honey cakes and warm honey and a nice seat by the fire!!

    1. You're always writing lovely pictures, Dee.

      I immediately get hungry -and feel like I have to make a fire...

  2. Oh dear I do so hope that he finds his way home, pine cones are nice to eat now and again, I'm sure, but not all the time, not when there is a jar of honey just waiting at home for him.
    Let's hope it won't be long before he has his home comforts again.

  3. Thanks!
    I so enjoyed this:
    pine cones are nice to eat now and then ... but not all the time!

    And HotHoney, the great recipe of TheVillage, would help to get that cone through the throat.

  4. It's a good start then to find that Sylvester's beginning to miss home, warmth and honey based foods. Now all, we need is for Crazie to spot and guide him back to the Commoneos where 'A room for one's own' will hopefully be finished and awaiting him.
    (PS. One can have too much roughage in one's diet!)

    1. *gg
      I'm sure you're right, Kendal... *gg ... too much roughage...

  5. He looks so tiny, so sad and so lost. Imagine, a diet of only bran-like, roughage high food and no treats! Poor little Sylvester!
    Please Commoneo Sashas and Gregors,rush out to bring him home as soon as Crazie sees where he has got to.

  6. Poor boy looks so very sad - I hope he gets spotted soon. Hoping for the happy ending!

  7. go home Sylvester - you look very cold and lonely