20. Februar 2015

17> ... Bärenbau

♫ ♪ ♫  Wer nur den lieben langen Tag ohne Plag ohne Arbeit vertändelt, wer das mag, der gehört nicht zu uns. ♫ ♪ ♫ Wir stehn des Morgens zeitig auf ♫ ♪ ♫  hurtig mit der Sonne Lauf sind wir, wenn der Abend naht, nach getaner Tat, eine muntere fürwahr eine FRÖHLICHE Schar... ♫ ♫ ♪ ♫
Fallbloß  nicht da runter, Cumbie! -Keine Sorge. Das Brett auch gleich fest!
Das war's, glaub ich. -Seht mal her. Ich hab hier ne Schatzkiste gefunden...
Wenn da oben ein Kissen wär, dann ... könnte man da schlafen. -Und wie kommen wir hoch? Mit dem Ding jedenfalls nicht.
Dann schieben wir das Regal eben rüber. -HauRUCK!
Und?  -Perfekt. Nur noch aufräumen. -Dann reichts aber auch für heute.
GeMÜTlich! -Wenn Sylvester das sehen könnte! -Ja, wo mag der wohl jetzt sein, der Arme.


  1. Well They have been busy,Love their singing :) and what nice things they have for their new home.
    I hope there will be a comfy space for poor Silvester whenever he returns!!!!! :)

    1. Hope he's not off to TheVillage for getting HotHoney :)

    2. I will keep watch!!

  2. I just love seeing TEAM work. Nothing quite like it when all goes to plan and the project is sucessfully achieved without a hitch and in double quick time.
    The Ikea bookcase is looking good and will be really useful plus is the perfect size alongside their chairs.
    Adored the little tool chest which could also be an acceptable addition to their 'Room for one's own!'
    Any news of Sylvester from Crazie as yet?

    1. Nothing so far.
      Mrs.Digne hasn't got the time looking after. But will do tomorrow :)

  3. I'm so worried about Sylvester and now, where has Crazie got to? Are the other bears not worried abut him?????

    Do Ikea have a store for small creatures in Germany? My hedgehog family would love to visit it if it exits. They already forced me to buy a German vintage kitchen for them and are watching the chair situation...'Chairs for bears? What of people with prickes' is their slogan.

    1. Well, sadly Ikea hasn't the idea for producing small furniture for small people.
      And I'm sure to never saw some for hedgehogs!

      I must admit, I never thought about the needs of sitting hedgehogs. But thinking about :)

  4. What a great bunch of little workers you have there Anne, I wish I'd know how good they were with wood, we could have hired them to help erect our pergola! As it is we still have lots of little jobs that could use this group of hard working bears.....please send them over, I promise to make them lots of honey sandwiches and hot chocolate!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

  5. I LOVE this post :) How gorgeous are your bears and Ikea furniture?