23. Februar 2015

19> Exodus ... Paolas Bericht

... es stimmt: Crazie hat Sylvesters Socken gefunden. Und er meint, er hat den Stuhl gesehen als er über die Wartburg geflogen ist. Könnt ihr das nicht mal nachprüfen, ihr wolltet doch sowieso raus?
Paola hat recht. Ich schau mal, ob ich was finde. Kommst du mit, Adam?
Hier findet man GAR nichts. Alles so camouflage...
DA! Der Stuhl!  -Jep, und wenn schon nicht Sylvester ...
 ... dann können wir wenigstens den Stuhl mitbringen.
Geht's? Ich kann ihn dir abnehmen. -Danke, später vielleicht.
Die Bären werden sich freuen.
Aber wegen Sylvester müssen wir uns noch was einfallen lassen. Der ist jetzt einfach schon zulange weg!


  1. What good boys to go look for Sylvester ! and they did find the chair but where oh where is poor Sylvester !! Out in the cold since New years!! Will he ever be found? If it goes on much longer I may have to send over Edward to organise the search and Gunther, Percy, Hugo plus a few others along with Mossy and his Emerald plus some Honey to warm poor Sylvester up when at last he returns....... :)

    Love these photo story's Anne they are beautifully done with such attention to detail, wonderful :)

    1. Sometimes I think about me photographing innocent and simple dollstories.
      Am I really grown-up?
      And do I have to cover more delicate topics?

      But on the other hand, this simple version takes time enough.
      (Will end in summer, when I have to work on the land...)

      But if there are some people who enjoy it - like the visitor lately, who told us to relax while watching stories - it seems to h a v e an authorisation.

      We are humans. We are gregarious animals. That's why we love to watch each other and seeking for contact.
      Collecting dolls, watching them in a dollstory and knowing/meeting the 'familymembers' - perhaps meets this need on a very special level?

      Sadly my english isn't good enough for philosophising. Apologise for the try:)

      I'm afraid we are in need for some english organiser and emeralds.
      And Hot Honey, of course *g

  2. Have to admit that I'm thrilled that the second iconic chair has been found and duly returned home by these two wonderful, caring lads as there was no way that it could have done so by itself.
    Good that they have excellent long distance eye-sight as I wasn't able, at first, to spot the chair camouflaged by all that snow.

    Sylvester, on the other hand, could walk or somehow get himself home if or when he decides to.

    Love the fact that all three are all dressed in shades of blue in the first two photos and that's a very pretty name of Paola for your new little No-nose girl..

    1. PS.Still not sure just where I'm going wrong with my comments as I write them when the post's set in English translation....yet they turn out like I have written them in German and then they have been translated into English?
      Being an English ex-teacher I'm not at all happy with this state of affairs!

    2. Yes Kendal, this is what google do, if you translate english to english.
      They treat it as if you writed in german
      Don't mind. You english are assuredly better than googletranslator!

      Don't ask what it makes with my english or... my german. It's simply ridiculous :)

  3. Well well well so the chair is found, but what of Sylvester? I hope he turns up pretty soon now because without his English gloves his paws are going to be pretty cold....maybe even numb, then how will be eat his honey sandwiches when he gets home?
    Lovely photos as per usual Digne, such great details and I know I said it before but your new no nose girl is so incredibly cute, I love her shorter hair :)
    Big hugs Sharon xx

  4. thank goodness they found the chair, now they just need to find the missing bear