3. Februar 2015

7< Exodus - gesucht...

Zur Stelle: Ursa, ...äh?, Knut.  Minibär schläft schon! Keine Ahnung wo die andern sind! -WellWell
Also sind die echt losgegangen!  -Wir müssen die suchen! Otto, kommst du mit?
 -Klar! -Wenn ihr uns braucht, sagt Bescheid! -Beeilt euch bloß!
Wer bist du denn überhaupt? -I'm Rose. I'm a Bramberbear. From England. Traveling in a parcel  ... just want to stay here. Do you think, it's ok with you'll? -Ganz bestimmt, Rose. Certainly! Warm welcome here! Please introduce yourself to Ursa and Knut.
Die haben doch kurze Beine. Und die Stühle dabei? So weit KÖNNEN die doch nicht sein, die Bärenbrüder!
Meinst du, die überleben im Schnee?
Wir müssen sie SCHNELL finden!
-Cumbie! Blondie! TimeTravel! Sylvesterrrr!

This is Post 200. Unbelievable :)


  1. Congratulations on post number 200 ! everyone of them wonderful and full of beautiful photo's.

    Love the outdoor photo's in this post of the boys searching with their lights.
    and also another new bear in the house and very pink and lady like bear :) and such a shame that Cumberland and all the other bears are out looking for a place to call their own !! :)

  2. Just loving this night time search by lantern light. Most effective.
    Thank you so very much for taking all this time and trouble to entertain us with these fabulous 200 story posts.
    I look forward to all those bears being found very soon, non the worse for wear.
    Sweet new little pink Bramber Bear.

  3. So gad the children are searching for the bears. They are small and, just as the chihuahua is descended from wolves but could not live a wolf's life now, so it is with tiny bears!

    Come home, little bears! There must be a little space just for you there!

    Your photos are wonderful, Anne. I love the lantern and the soft glow it gives out.
    Jenni xx

  4. Congratulations on your 200th post.....they are all fantastic!
    I am glad to see that the kids are out looking for the bears, I so hope they find them before they get buried in all that cold snow.
    Love the photos of them looking using the lantern, they are brilliant!!! :)
    Big hugs Sharonxxx