5. Februar 2015

9> Exodus ... Sylvesters Mission

Where am I? What happend?
I remember having trouble with TT and Blondie. Running like a headless chicken! But... where's the CHAIR? Where's Cumbie? Do I lost them both?
Oh no ... *sigh* ...  Now I'm on one's lonesome. Got plenty of room for myself. But this is not what we're looking for. Do I have to find a room for us... all alone? YES - I'm on a mission. Straight ahead!
  Hope, this is the path to this castle. My english teacher always said: we're germanic by history. Ok then, this castle looks very germanic.
Good to wear that british gloves on my feet now! A bilateral mission, hehe.
Seems I'm right here.
Why they're building castles on hills? It's burdensome.
But there's a most impressive panorama. Perhaps that's why...


  1. This mission gets more intriguing and exciting every day and the Winter-wonderland scenery even more beautiful and dramatic. Have to smile everytime I see this bear with these gloves trying hard to keep his feet warm but I'm now getting rather worried that they all seem to have been split up from each other for one reason or another and in cases like this TEAM work is more essential to achieve success.

    Well at least one bear is now home (although he hadn't his own chair in the first place so that would have been a help!) and this one has been spotted heading towards the Castle .... but without his superb chair. (I seem to have become as concerned for those two fantastic Ikea minature chairs as I have for the bears themselves!)

    PS. Am rather dreading to see and read the German translation of this rather long comment.

    1. They don't want to translate into german for me. But I'm sure, there would be something to laugh :)

      'Olee ebe m? Gịnị mere?' - This Igbo. Never heard that language.

      'Mais ... où est le président?' - This is french and something to laugh, because a chair is not a président.
      Languages are so interesting!

  2. What an adventure! Small bears are becoming pioneers. I wish I was with you small friend.
    Growley Bear x

    1. Dear Growley Bear, Mr.President,

      we just love to have you on our side, if I can speak for the other bears.
      I'm sure there would be less mistakes!

      Kindest regards,

  3. Thank goodness Silvester found some shelter for the night but oh no he's lost the chair!!
    I love that he is on his way to the castle, they would have lots of room for some small bears to find a space to call their own!! :)

  4. Awww look at this stylish bear with his pants and socks all nicely knitted....must have helped to keep him warm overnight :) whilst he stayed in that place.
    I hope the bears all become reunited again soon.
    Hugs Sharon x