9. Februar 2015

A Room For One's Own!

OK, we have to talk. We're back, sadly without any succes. And we lost Sylvester! -I heard the story. But don't you think, he'll find a way home? -Yes; can't we do anything? Finding Sylvester ...and a place for us?
Bear of Commoneo! I just ask Mrs. Digne and she says, you could get the small News-Room. If you want!
GOOD NEWS ... Land Ahoj! - ...if we want, ifwewant...YAYYY. -I can't believe it! -Lets go and see our alotted land!
Good luck! -See you ... -Hurry!Get busy!


  1. Fantastic News! The flags are flying here for you all you little bears. Best hurry home Slyvester, you've won the cause and now have a Commoneo Bear Room!
    PS. BTW was there an Ikea chair lost along the way.... or not?

    1. You're right! We got a lot of problem to solve, but hurrah- a room is found :)

  2. FABULOUS!!! The Commoneo Bears have found a place for their own, although they may have to allow the odd news flash now and then !
    I hope Silvester and the missing chair arrive back soon to join in the fun of sorting out their new space unless of course he's found grander surroundings to call home!!! :)

    1. I have to sort out alle the lost parts.
      Or is it a thread. Ariadnes?

  3. Fantastic news that the bears now have their own space!!! But what news of Sylvester???? Where can he have gone? I hope he's not still out in all the snow catching his death of cold!
    Big hugs Sharon xx