15. Februar 2015

14> Exodus ... Ask Crazie!

I'm glad you'll help us finding Sylvester, Crazie.

Hope, you'll see him. Tell him, we're waiting for him to come home. And there will be a room for all the bears now.

Good bye and good luck, my feathered friend...


  1. I hope Crazie can find Silvester before he gets too far away to get back home! He's been outdoors all this time and lucky for him he's got a fur coat or he would be in big trouble!!

  2. Good luck in your search, Crazie!

  3. Good luck little Crazie, I hope you find him :)
    Safe journey and return quickly!

  4. Carrier pigeon....oops.... I meant,.... Budgie.
    What a great idea sending Crazie out to try to spot Sylvester to tell him to come home as the bears will now have their very own sitting room.

  5. good luck Crazie. While you're seeking Sylvester, Lady Crazie is keeping warm in England and is reading books with Laura and her new friend.