1. Februar 2015

5< Exodus - Fehlt etwas?

Ge-müt-lich!! - Ja, wir haben es gut, nicht?
Ich hab aber das Gefühl, dass was fehlt. -Ja? Soll ich dir vielleicht vorlesen? Ich hab hier eher etwas zuviel; ich  bin von Puppen umstellt:)

Doch Doch. Irgendwas fehlt.  -Mir fehlt eine rote 8!
Euch fehlt vielleicht ... Tee?
Oh ja! -Danke, Trendon! -Prima.

Kennt einer von euch einen Mr. Emergency, mit der Nummer 999 ? Er hat schon 2x hier angerufen!


  1. Something missing? Yes, the bears and their chairs. I hope they find their way home again soon.

  2. These children are very slow to notice those bears are GONE! and that the chairs are also missing!
    I'm sure they will realise soon! Well I hope so for those poor cold bears sake!!

  3. Perhaps they enjoying the WILDLIFE ?

  4. I am in awe of just how like 'real life' your posts are. They could pass for any family with children playing amongst themselves in their living room.
    Obviously your little bears, and their chairs, have become, as we say in the UK 'part of the furniture' and so aren't standing out as being missing for the moment.
    Loving all the lextra ittle accessories today,,,,the tiny dolls, the mugs and plate of biscuits/tarts on the tray, the pack of cards and group of photo pictures.
    Hope that those four bears are surviving out in that cold and forlorn wilderness and haven't died of starvation or frozen to death.

    1. Thanks so much, Kendal - I know you always 'see' more. Feels good.

      I'm pretty sure, they're not lost and death in the end.
      But who knows for sure?!

  5. I agree with Kendal, I was so amazed by the details and of course your Trendon (sigh) that I didn't miss the bears...but do hope they come in from the cold soon....
    Tell Trendon I say hello :)

    1. He hallo-ed back to you.
      He mumbled something about, 'England isn't that far away' and 'hiking would be a way'
      I ask him, what he's talking about,
      but he only smiled and sang 'Hänschen Klein..."

  6. This Sasha home has everything! I like it so much better than our human house... may I move in with the Commoneo children? They need somebody there to tell them what it is that is missing....

    1. Please Jenny- you're welcome anytime.
      Just just have to shrunk a little. No Problem!

      Do you know the story of Astrid Lindgren: Nils Karllsson Däumling (Sim Small)?
      http://youtu.be/p0-IlznpLBk (ca. 3.25 - 4.32...)
      They using the word 'Killevips' and have to touch a special nail :)

  7. Oh dear, I worry that these children are not even noticing that the bears are missing.....surely EVERY child loves a bear, and there are enough children hear so that each bear can be loved......so I ask myself again, why are they not noticing that the bears are missing? This remains a mystery to me, which I hope can be solved soon, before those bears catch their death of cold. :(