12. Februar 2015

**Inter - mission

A letter and some more...
It's from cookie and 'the select few crew'. -And Rosie!
How nice is THAT! What a bunch of lovely people abroad!
It's a sweater. In the colour of my eyes. So softly. -And there's the VW-sign. -I love the VW-beetles, got a yellow one, you know! I put it on.
Crazie and his daughter are joining us
What do you say? -Great! -I love the colour and the fleecy feeling ... hej Crazie, my head is not a tree.
I'm off now- have to change into trousers.
Crazie! I got an idea. Just thought about Sylvester. Do you think, you'll help us finding him?
Ok - that's great. I'll explain it to you outside.
Hello Ronny, Cookie, the SFC and Rosie , it's me again. Thanks SO much for sending me such a great sweater!  I'm happy, you're thinking of me and I'll never doff it...


  1. What a great sweater Trendon has received! It matches his eyes perfectly! and nice to see Crazy and his daughter. I knew Otto would think of some way to find Silvester, such a clever little boy :)

    1. We hope so. Crazie is able to fly and perhaps finding Sylvester?
      If he's not off to TheVillage
      and the famous HotHoney :)

  2. Gorgeous, but masculine sweater, Trendon.

    How wonderful to have a VW Select Few Crew to join. Imagine, a yellow VW of your own at your age!

    I started saving for one many, many years ago, long before they were vintage. But chidren came along and using London buses and underground was a cheaper option. Now, child care is behind me, byt it's my eyes that are vintage and I can't drive. So there will never be a VW for me and I can't join your select crew. So very sad!!

    Please cheer me up by showing us your very own car again soon. But please also keep an eye on Otto.....I hope he is benign.....?

    1. I think he is :)

      Interesting to see the word 'benign' for the first time used in a sentence.
      One of my daughters is named 'Benigna', meaning benevolent,
      because I want her to get that feature :)
      The roots of the word is this latein benignus, a, um)

      I understand your sadness. There's one option left, I think.
      There's a car-seller in the neighborhood and in front of his company stands an old car (a Renault, called 'Ente' in Germany), filled with soil, flowering the whole summer. I'm not that much into such decorations, but if I ever wanted to have a special car, I would perhaps think about.

      A better way could be perhaps an old Beetle as a playground for grandchildren.

      Ah, forget it. Apologise! I always try to find solutions for special problems :)

  3. I am SO pleased that Trendon likes his new sweater Anne! I haven't been blogging and probably won't for a while as one of the family has been rushed into hospital but I will pop by when I can :)
    Much love from my SELECT FEW CREW :)

    1. With so much love one can't be unlucky for weeks!!

  4. Hi Trendon, I'm glad you like your sweater. It was all Ronny's idea but of course she's the leader of the Select Few Crew!
    My first car was a VW beetle - oh how I loved it!
    Sorry to hear one of Ronny's family is ill - I hope they'll be on the mend soon :)

    1. Thanks again! It was agreat surprise!
      I got a yellow beetle as well and loved it -until I had to drive it to the scrapyard...

  5. Fab Sweater! Lucky you. That SS has some great ideas when it comes to Sasha/Gregor clothing fashions.
    Loved the 'Cookie' signature on the enclosed card!
    (I knew that I had seen that special packaging before and now I remember that my Christmas gift from SS arrived in one the same!)

    1. Agree, Kendal!
      I love her dressing style as well!

  6. What a lovely lovely sweater! And such a nice gift :)
    He is a very handsome fellow and blue colour is prefect for him.
    Sorry to hear that Ronny has a family member who's unwell and in hospital. I hope all goes well and wish him/her a speedy recovery.
    Big hugs to all, Sharon xxx

  7. I love the sweater, what a great idea from Ronnie and lovely knitting by Rosie.