26. Februar 2015

'Red Carpet'

Asked, why she is barefeet, she answered:
I'm nominated for my role in 'It's A Mermaids Life' - and we never wear shoes!
After this photosession, the excited journalists called her young Audrey...


  1. Oh, she's a real super star! What beautiful eyes. She is so very photogenic......can't wait to see her film.

  2. Wonderful young starlet ! Such a beautiful face and what a stunning dress, she'll go far!! :)

  3. This young lady is absolutely gorgeous, stunning, those eyes and that hair......droooool! I love her and will be first in line when her film is released! ;)

  4. Gorgeous girl!!! Love the dress & the updo. I am sure she is in demand in the film world. Does she do modelling as well? She poses so well.

    1. Sure :)

      It's still interesting to see the big changement of the dolls expression,
      if I only move the head or hand!

  5. You've certainly given her 'The RED CARPET treatment' here then.
    PS., Just wondering if you could do the same for me as I could do with a good scrub-up!

  6. Thanks so much for commenting!

    Kendal, I'm sure, you -an english lady- looks perfect as ever!
    Jenni, I'm so sorry, but I don't like diving in cold water - so the Mermaids will stay unfilmed :)

    I was a bit late, but HAVE join the FBs RedCarpet-Week.
    Simply bought a little piece of fabric, ribbons and buttons and the brave Seller in our 'small towns small shop' was astonished, but wanted to give advice to me. He told me not to use white for the blondes -I got black as well - but she lookes nice with white.
    He found the buttons.
    I didn't know what to do with them, but in the end I use them for the hair and as earring.
    I didn't want to really sew, so I use needles only.

    I got black and white shoes, but they are too bulky for that dress, even the Bonekas!

    But it was fun :)