28. Februar 2015

Welcome home

AudreyAudreyAudrey! -Welcome HOME! -Juhuuu!! -YIKES...I'm shocked...
We only want to welcome you! -We're proud, you are our sister!
But; I didn't win ... -We love you anyway, Annik... Audrey.
You was on TV! -And you made that film! -It's so great to be back!
-You are one of us. Oscar or not. We don't mind!
-Thanks so much.
Yes CraDo, do you want to say something?
You love me too? Thanks!  And you saw Sylvester ... today?


  1. Welcome back Audrey!! You deserved to win an Oscar just for how wonderful you looked in that dress! and at last a sighting of Sylvester ! everything is looking beautiful :)

  2. What a fab post! Wonderful room setting with your Sasha kids...I also feel I am in Germany with you rather than a wet and windy UK!!

  3. Congratulations on your wonderful red-carpet appearance, Audrey.