11. März 2015

21> Exodus - Welcome home, Sylvester!

* D r u m r o l l * 
-We are ba-ack! -Success!
Finally we found the one, who was lost in space! -SYLVESTER!! -A Room For One's Own! -Yay!
Thanks for all, folks! I know now: my room ... er... my home is where my heart is ...
But it's getting late. Hurry!
-Oh please, just one HotHoney? -Sure, there's got to be time for that...


  1. HOORAY!! Well done Commoneo and Bears you have found Sylvester and he can see what a lovely place he now as to live and yes home is where the heart is and hopefully a nice cup of hot honey :)
    Wonderful photo's as always :)

  2. Yaaaaay he's home! What great news to hear that Sylvester is home safe and sound....and yes, definitely time for a cup of hot honey....... :)
    Loved these photos, your kids are dressed so nicely and perfectly for your snowy weather.
    Hugs Sharon xx

  3. Hip Hip Hooray, Sylvester is home at last today! Team effort and they found him!

  4. Thanks so much... I see; you are eased.
    No more teasing now, dear visitors ;)

  5. We are all clapping hands and paws here.
    Hurrah for the Commoneo Kids and Bears who formed a search party to bring home their friend and succeeded!
    This calls for a celebration - hot honey for all!!!

  6. We here have the flags out and banners flying and are all singing the Peters and Lee lyrics.....

    'Welcome home, welcome,
    Come on in and close the door,
    You've been gone, too long,,
    Welcome, you're home once more.'

    Then after hot honey drinks to warm ourselves up we'll take you to see ......

  7. I am glad Sylvester is back...but I did enjoy him being missing :)

  8. Thanks so much for lyrics, nice words and feeling with us!

    So we all are able to relax now.
    Do we need further sensations? ... Simply no :)

    1. Well Simply YES!
      I'd love to see Sylvester's reaction when he see's 'A room for one's own!'