9. März 2015

Commoneos im Dunklen ...

Also, wir suchen eine Kirche, richtig?
Ja - aber DAS ist keine Kirche!
Es hat doch große Türen! -Trotzdem!
Nein. Das ist auch keine Kirche. -Menno!
DAS ist aber eine. -Gehen wir mal rein?
Die Tür ist ZU!
So ein Pech. -Meinst du er ist da drin?
Vielleicht. Aber es wird dunkel, wir müssen jetzt heim.
Komm runter da, Rose. Wir gehen morgen nochmal hin. Wir MÜSSEN Sylvester finden ...


  1. Lovely to see them all out looking for Sylvester, the bears and the Children, who are looking very nice in their matching colours:)

    So maybe tomorrow Sylvester will be found in the Church? Soon he will be home amongst his friends and family with tales to tell !!

  2. Great search party...........obviously out today in FULL force.
    Do so hope that tomorrow they are successful in finding Sylvester.....that is If he wants to be found!

  3. Yes, that's the question, Kendal.

    And we don't want to tease you, promise - Dee...

  4. Thisis as it should be! Bears and Sasha children united in the quest to find their little missing friend.
    Dear Sylvester, where are you?
    We are praying to St. Mossy of the Emerald at The Sasha Village, in the hope that he can guide the little traveller home soon.

    Growley Bear

  5. Phew finally they're looking for Sylvester, but where oh where is he?
    I hope he turns up before too long, or the kids will get bored and go home without him......let's hope that doesn't happen for a while yet though.
    Hugs Sharon xx

  6. I am really enjoying this...I hope Sylvester gets found soon but not too quickly...:)